Digital Marketing Tips By Michael Leander

The first of a series of Think Marketing videos discuss a few marketing tips and tricks. Although I was primarily addressing Egyptian marketers, I believe many of these tips are relevant to any marketer anywhere in the world.

Watch the video interview and get tips concerning these marketing areas

  • Frequency of communication in social networks such as Facebook, LinkedInTwitter etc.
  • How reach is a problem in particular on Facebook due to Facebook’s filtering mechanics (Edgerank)
  • What the picture economy means for your marketing communication in and out of social media
  • Are other people’s content (OPC) better than your own original content?
  • What is a call to action and why is it important

In the video, you will also hear Michael Leander talk about how you can go about measuring the effect of your social media marketing activities. You will get a tip which is likely to generate results for you quicker than the traditional approach.

Michael Leander

Michael Leander is an award-winning speaker, trainer and consultant in all things marketing. Originally from Denmark, Michael has spoken at conferences and seminars all over the globe sharing his knowledge of marketing and innovation, in which he has 20 years worth of accomplished experience.