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Developing Sustainability and Branding at ASDW and Narrative Summit 2019

Egypt’s growth continues in various verticals and sectors, and with the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda being pushed in those industries and sectors, it is easy to see why. Sustainable innovation and evolution are keywords that should be on people’s lips.

Yet, what is sustainability?

Is it simply about moving to green energy? Using tote bags instead of plastic? Brand efforts and resources dedicated to some kind of environmental cause? Or is it just about making sure the world continues to revolve?

It is all of those, for both governments and companies.

In today’s world sustainability is a key pillar and sign of a progressive and innovative brand or nation brand, one that understands to look further than 2030 to keep the world and their interests afloat; and it is that statement that the country’s annual gathering on Nation Branding, the Narrative PR Summit wants to share more than ever.

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Partnering with Arab Sustainable Development Week (ASDW), the Narrative PR Summit will be bringing together new influential industry experts and opinion leaders to create a forum for innovative thought leadership that will hopefully encourage private and public sectors to focus and build a future beyond 2030.

Narrative summit vowed to take the notion of Nation Branding forward with leading partners and handpicked speakers!…

Posted by Narrative Summit on Sunday, August 4, 2019


The event, held early November, will emphasize the importance of “Integrated Partnerships for a Sustainable Future” as its main theme.


Each Impactful Step

“Amid increasing international efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals, it was essential that the Narrative Summit collaborate and align with the League of Arab States to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. During the three previous editions of the summit, we succeeded in strengthening the role of individuals by hosting Arab and international ambassadors and change-makers. We presented their innovative knowledge and inspiring efforts that have improved services in all sectors – including education, health, tourism – thus paving the way for a better and sustainable future for the coming generations,” said Lamia Kamel, CEO of communications company CC Plus and founder of Narrative Summit.

According to the summit, this year’s agenda will be focused on the challenges and opportunities facing the future of the Arab region with a heavy focus on sustainable development.

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Speakers from all around the world will attend ASDW and the Narrative Summit to meet and discuss the opportunities and challenges that will need to be addressed and engage on topics of local and international influence and sustainability.

Narrative Summit and the Arab Sustainable Development Week are at the crossroads of Nation Branding and Sustainable…

Posted by Narrative Summit on Sunday, October 13, 2019


As fears grow and scientific studies show the growing effects of climate change, it is more important than ever to understand the impact of our daily activities as people and organizations. Each step and change we make will make a difference in the future post 2030, and will heavily affect the positive or negative perceptions of outside individuals.

Sustainability has also become an appealing factor in how international audiences see a country or how an external stakeholder sees a company, affecting different types of audiences from investors to tourists.

As a country investing in nation branding, devoting time and energy on developing sustainable goals and promoting them will become an effective method in improving a nation brand’s attractiveness, external perceptions and inspiring more individualistic changes both locally and internationally.

ASDW’s focus on the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (ensuring local entities develop and adopt it) and Narrative Summit’s commitment to building a stronger Egypt through sustainable national branding will ensure that early November will be full of meaningful discussions.

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