DDB &Tribal Introduces KLM’s Lost & Found Search Dog

It’s easy to forget things or lose personal items, especially after a long flight. Thankfully at Amsterdam airport though, they’ve created the perfect solution to this problem.

Since KLM receives 40,000 questions via Social Media every week, and many of them relate to missing items, the company decided to set up a dedicated Lost & Found team. The team “uses all available information like seat numbers, phone numbers and public social media details to reunite passengers with their belongings.” DDB & Tribal decided they were missing something, however: a search dog.

KLM’s dedicated Lost & Found team at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is on a mission to reunite lost items as soon as possible with their legitimate owner. From a teddy bear found by the cabin crew to a laptop left in the lounge. Locating the owners can sometimes be a challenge, so special forces have been hired

The advertising agency behind this video has confirmed that the dog was only a part of a marketing stunt and not an actual employee of KLM. The video is simply an ad, and not an actual portrayal of the airlines’ services

Alex Herwig and Jeroen Thissen, representatives at DDB & Tribal Worldwide, the agency responsible for the ad, also confirmed to MediaBistro that “Sherlock the dog” was only employed for the purpose of the video.


Agency: DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Regisseurs: Danny van den Bersselaar, Elian Wils
D.O.P.: Daan Steijnen
Producer: Merle Wils
Online: Big Shots B.V.
Sound Producer: Lodewijk Pöttker
Muziek : Massive Music

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