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Daily Mail Rocket ‘attack’ Story Evokes Satire On Twitter

Even Mr.Bean British sitcom wouldn’t be much funnier than Egyptian tweets as reaction to the un-logic story published by Daily Mail UK claiming a rocket ‘attack’ on British jet with 189 passengers on board ‘dodged missile’ while approaching Sharm El Sheikh. it emerged last night although (According to Daily Mail UK) the attack happened last August!

Excluding James Bond as the only British who can spot and maneuver a missile using a civil plane and land safely carrying 189 passengers, Its it’s illogical to believe that such an incident kept secret since last August and it seems that Daily Mail claims meant to heat up the scene by re-enforcing the Bomb Theory.

Egyptians on Twitter posted some tweets to make fun of the story using the hashtag [#طيار_الديلي_ميل] translated as: The Daily Mail Pilot.


Philip Hammond, British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth denies missile targeted British plane to Sharm el-Sheikh

After flights continued on the route to Sharm el-Sheikh for another two months, journalist Andrew Marr asked the foreign secretary on his BBC1 show: ‘Why did we not hear about it at the time?’

Hammond replied, ‘I looked very carefully at that at the time. I’m pretty sure that was a red herring and we have a very good idea of what actually happened. There was an Egyptian military exercise going on on the ground and I was satisfied at the end of our investigation.’

‘I was satisfied that was not an attempt on the plane. The plane was not in danger at any time.’

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