Customized Marketing; Mountain View changing the game with iApartment

As the younger generation grows older, getting married and creating families, their purchasing power and their power over the market increases. And with Millennials and the younger generation, who grew up with technology and social media values, companies and whole industries have had to change to keep up.

Mountain View’s iCity and new iApartments are a testament to that.

Mountain View’s (MV) iCity is a marvel of its own, but their newest addition and surprise comes with their pioneering decision to allow the full customization of their high-end apartments. This brings up a great discussion on customization marketing.

Customization Marketing and developing tailor made solutions for marketing, is a growing field, one that is in high demand for both consumer and companies alike. It has become an important, and steadily becoming essential, core element for marketers.


Mountain View’s new world of choices with Zero comprimise

In a marketplace filled with mostly predictable projects, Mountain View is redefining apartments and how we select our new homes. In a never seen before move in the Real Estate market in the region, Mountain View’s iApartment is a marketing move that could possibly cause a gigantic shift in real estate; and how consumers in the region will look, select and purchase their new homes.

iApartments, a part of iCity, allows future homeowners get to tailor their high-end apartments according to their needs and desires. Rather than buying an already shaped apartment, homeowners can now choose their own configuration.

Rooms, shapes, views and outdoor balconies are all choices you can now make for yourself.

iApartments enhances the user experience, serving up innovative and modern options that allow unique consumer individuality to blend with intelligently designed premium apartments.

Not to mention that the apartments are a part of iCity, which for many architecture aficionados, is a wonderful demonstration of the future, especially in master and urban planning.

For those interested, MA is serving up payment plans up to 10 years. With a guarantee of Zero compromise on choice and the customization of your own luxury apartment, it’s definitely seen as an attractive offer.


Customization Marketing for Better Experience:

Gone are the days where marketers aimed to brand products as something unique while still staying with the status quo or traditional unspoken guidelines.

Now the world is looking for adventure in their brands, an escape from their world; they want unique and individualized custom items or brand journeys to satisfy them.

Self-expression is now the core value of many; they want to be able to show the world that this is them. This is how they are. Through edited selfies to stickers on laptops and phone covers, people want to show off who they are.

iApartments is giving them that option, which is why they are changing the game in real estate.

The IKEA effect, which is involving the consumer in the process from start to finish to create a sense of collaboration and accomplishment, is growing steam. Although maximizing reach was always the base of marketing goals, now we have to change course. We increase reach by customizing each consumer journey.

Customization = personal connections = loyal and strong community

What Mountain View is doing is just that. Real Estate marketing has always been about community building, but through mass reach by reaching out to a wide audience.

Now Mountain View is changing that by creating a smaller and greater community, one that allows homeowners to customize their home to feel more at home.

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