Crunch brings an army of teenager-ish buzzwords to kill Skenshizer


Want to get this party started? Just bring one buzzword and a non-stop cascade will start! After all, there is nothing youngsters love more than coming up with new cool catch phrases and playing with words.

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The Teenage community is commonly bombarded with ever-new buzzwords and every group has its own favorite set of buzzwords. Crunch Egypt decided to come up with almost all the commonly used  buzzwords used in telling stories, building relationships to ensure growing wider audiences, using so many buzzwords makes you wonder if there any buzzword left? that’s actually enjoyable to watch.

Crunch Ad campaign Throwback

Crunch Egypt Ramadan 2015 campaign was a big hit. “Skenshizer or, Sketchaizer” was a brilliant product that you wish existed and the hilarious outcome lead some companies to invent the so-called “Skenshizer” and hi-jack a multi-million EGP ad campaign for a product that didn’t exist before!

Skenshizer was one of the best marketing and advertising campaigns of Ramadan 2015 and the outcome did not really serve Crunch as the brand name faded out compared to the new viral buzzword. Salute to JWT Cairo team.


Recalling the famous Adel Imam’s “Fankoush”, creating a fictional product that people don’t seem to know about expect from advertising, Gum production co. used the “Skenshizer” name to create a product! They did not put much effort as the copywriter already show-cased a perfect description for everything including the package design.


“Skinshizer” was the first Marketing case study in the Egyptian market inspired by “El-Fankoush”


As expected…
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Posted by Think Marketing TV on Thursday, July 16, 2015


Intelligently Created: That’s So Teenish

With an excellent approach to target the buyer persona, Crunch brought 31 teenager-ish buzzwords optimally crafted and distributed to tell an ironic story wrapped with logic. The story began during the process of doing something difficult, actually an exam which did not stop the enthusiastic teens to roll a snow-ball of youngsters’ buzzwords including the [Na7la be-bazouz] which previously used in Skenshizer Ad version during Ramadan 2015.

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The Skenshizer Ad was built on featuring the good old days when food tasted better however the new Crunch Ad campaign shows more harmony between different generations sharing the same interests.

In conclusion, the Inter-generational conflict disappears completely from Crunch recent Ad campaign as the older man represented in the advert seems to be very open-minded to the contemporary teenage sense of humor that he even contributes in the buzzwords game.



Agency: JWT Cairo
Media Planner: Diana Abdalla George Saad
Agency Producer: Mayar Tarek
Production House: Big Foot
Music: Wael Alaa
Sound Design: Frequency
Stylist: Ingie EL Mor
Editor: Mohsen Abd Elwahab
Voice Over: Bakri Khaled Kabakibi
DOP: Pierre Mouarkech
First Assistant Director: Ahmad Arafa
Director: Maged Nassar

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