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Crowd Analyzer Launched Mappr: An Interactive Twitter Map

Dubai based startup is tackling what no other social media analytics service is, which is truly understanding Arabic language.  Crowd Analyzer not only understands Arabic in context, but also the different styles of Arabic dialect, and the sentiment behind posts all automatically.   This tool will aid many organizations, brands, and events to know more about what their Arabic users are expressing and address them accordingly. Crowd Analyzer will launch next month targeting organizations that want to take their online presence to the next level with the powerful date presented by the platform.

Mappr provides insight on how visual feedback changes the way people view the information on social media. This will not only allow organizations to see their impact on their immediate surroundings, but where they can place their branding for maximum exposure. – Mustafa Othman – Digital Media Manager, Dubizzle

Ahmed Saad driving the business end of the startup, and Bahaa Galal the developer specializing in Natural language processing founds crowd Analyzer.  They both saw that there was a gap in the market when it comes to Arabic language Analytics and decided to create a solution.  They are currently incubated by Turn 8 acceleration program an initiative between DP World and i360accelerator, providing seed funding, mentorship and training.

Ahead of the launch of the main platform, Crowd Analyzer has launched Mappr, a Visual Interactive Twitter Map searchable by geographical location.  Offered free to the public, Mappr is a sneak peek at an aspect of the Crowd Analyzer platform that will be packed with features such as graphical representation of analytics through comparisons, categories such as dialect, sentiment and region, as well as showcasing influencers and trends.

This is a great initiative, getting closer to real time marketing. It will give business’s the opportunity to react to live conversations happening around their brands, specially with retail based business’s, giving them the opportunity to respond quickly on CRM. But more so it will help with being proactive on consumers needs and wants, as it will give business’s live intuitive capabilities to deliver in real time on consumers expectations as they express it. – George Mikaelian – CEO, Trigger

How to use mappr?

For Retailers: Able to utilize functions such as influencers, and location to be able to identify power users that are nearby to extend targeted offers or feedback.

Nearby: This function allows the user to search those who are tweeting near their location.  This can be used to network with other tweeters nearby, or discover what they’re doing.

Location: Search by location in the MENA region.  Allowing the user to explore through specific locations, such as landmarks and restaurants to engage with tweeters on location.

Photos only: This allows you to not search by location only, but filter by picture as well to view locations that you would like to visit.

Keyword: The opportunities of this function is limitless as it allows the user to search by words and identify people who tweet similar things, or learn about new topics.

Influencers: The map visually shows power users (through size of marker pin) with a high follower rating, enabling users to find interesting new tweeters.

Retailers: Able to utilize functions such as influencers, and location to be able to identify power users that are nearby to extend targeted offers or feedback.

Journalists/ official authorities: Identify persons near incidents to get a comment, get up to date pictures of development, and get leads on witnesses, being more accessible to material.

Events: Able to gain feedback from attendees that tweet, and for attendees to network with tweeters nearby.

Consumers: Explore tweets within the map allowing to search for interesting places (Cafes, beaches, events, etc) and discover photos and/or tweets and might engage with the tweeps to get more information about these places).

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