Ramadan 2020

Creativity in Advertising: 3 Ramadan 2020 Advertisements Missing Original Ideas

Every Ramadan we always look for different and creative adverts than the ones aired last Ramadan. Over the last couple of years, we were impressed by more than just one advert, and every Ramadan we set our expectations even higher since the world of advertisement is always developing.

Great copy can make or break your advertising campaign. During Ramadan, Middle East brands releases adverts that aims at garbing the viewers’ attention, connect emotionally and create digital engagement. Some brands win and some will not!

Since we are keeping a close eye on the adverts this Ramadan looking for the one that will impress us the most, we couldn’t help but notice something. Even though some brands’ adverts nailed people’s admiration and were definitely successful, they lacked genuineness or originality as they depended on either the same concept as last year or used an idea that was presented by another brand.


Al-Nas Hospital and 57357 Hospital, Telepathy?

Al-Nas Hospital released an advert that gathered kids singing a remake of the “We Da Meen” song by the famous Nelly. Once the advert was released, almost everyone fell in love with it and with the kids and we can’t deny that it grabbed the attention. The advert has 264K views on Facebook and over 793K views on Youtube.

But there’s one thing we noticed, as much as we love to admit that the advert is successful and beautiful, unfortunately, it used the same idea, concept and even song that was used by 57357 Hospital almost 3 years ago.


Etoile – Same Idea, Different Song

It is undeniable that last Ramadan, Etoile went viral with their collaboration with the famous Khaled Eleish when they released the “Etoile 3amalet Konafa” advert. This advert was so successful and everyone was talking about it and even singing its jingle.

This Ramadan, Etoile used the same “Konafa” concept with a collaboration with Khaled Eleish but a different jingle.


White Point: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The Egyptian manufacturer El ABD Co. promotes the Italian designed front Loading washing machines “White Point”.

White Point collaborated with the singer Nicole Saba last Ramadan to promote its household appliances and electronic products.



For Ramadan 2020. The brand used scenes from their previous advert to promote its products again!

We are not sure about the Intellectual Property contract between Nicole Saba and White Point. We are mainly focusing on measuring advertising effectiveness and impact as consumers aren’t just willing to engage with any old content.


I know what you’re thinking – consumers have already seen this content. How it should help in building a stronger brand for businesses and thus boosting sales?

Adding deep customized copy for the Ramadan 2020 and connecting advert across channels is highly recommended to take the brand to a completely different level.

Brands should’t forget that the content needs to be created based on actionable insights, high-quality visuals, and authentic ideas.

Although people loved some of these adverts, we were just looking forward to seeing something different this Ramadan.

Tell us in comments below, which brand did you notice used the same concepts?

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