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Creativity and initiative: Arwa’s story to join STC

Getting employed in any industry, other than maybe labor, is always difficult. HR recruiters are constantly flipping through hundreds to thousands of CVs and resumes, with most being unseen.

Countless of articles are written about resume writing, like this one. Yet not many point out the main thing we could all do to put us above all others, to have some initiative to get an edge.

That’s what young Saudi marketer Arwa Al Daoud thought about as she labored on a video that has now gotten her more attention than she intended.


Taking the initiative

Turned down after many tries of applying to multiple places, Arwa decided to take a step forward to increase her chances.

Prompted by her unsuccessful attempts, Arwa created a motion graphic video talking about her qualifications directed at the Saudi Telecom Company (STC).



The video explains Arwa’s interest in working with the Saudi company, and goes on to explain her credentials. The video discusses her university degree on Digital marketing, which included email, SEO, paid and organic social media, her experience in the field and creative skills.

Arwa’s video has been retweeted over 1200 times since its post on Sunday.


Responsive Social Media Monitoring

As the video became popular in the country, Saudi Telecom Company CEO Khaled Biyari replied to the video. Around 6 hours later, the CEO replied to the budding marketer.



It has been established by local Saudi sources that STC has contacted Arwa and has set up an interview. Whether it was coincidence or great social media monitoring, Biyari was able to send a message to the public about how STC behaves and believes in local talent.

By commenting himself, rather than having the company do it, it also shows how much the CEO and top management care about talent and initiative.

Arwa has also received praise from other companies as well for her initiative and creativity.


With initiative comes greatness

Arwa’s story isn’t something we should brush off, but take as a something to learn from.

With hundreds of resumes just like ours on the table, it is how much work we put into presenting ourselves that matter. While not many industries desire something like this video, many do prefer candidates that put more effort into their presentation for the company.

Would you do something like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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