Creative showcase: ‘Evolution of Arabic Music’ since 1900s till Today

Arabic music, has a long history of interaction with many other regional musical styles and genres. While early Pre-Islamic period, both compositions and improvisations in traditional Arabic music are based on the maqam system. Maqams can be realized with either vocal or instrumental music, and do not include a rhythmic component.

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Alaa Wardi, an Iranian-Saudi a cappella artist has partnered with Anghami to combine 42 hits of the most popular Arabic songs, getting back to the 1900s, in a video that gives a whole new meaning to music in the current digital age.

Starting with the famous classic “Lamma Bada Yatathenna” a form of poetry that was sung long before the 1900s to Moroccan Singer Saad Lamjarred’s ‘Lma3allem’… Watch the video below

The brilliant ‘Evolution of Arabic Music’ is trending now with almost 2.1M views on YouTube

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