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Creative Industry Summit 2017: What Makes It Different?

We are 4 DAYS away from the 4th Creative Industry Summit! As details about the two-day summit have surfaced on the summit’s website and Facebook page over the past few weeks, we couldn’t help but tell you this is a MUST ATTEND event!

Creative Industry Summit is MENA’s hub for the creative ecosystem devoted to creativity in the fields of advertising, marketing, art, design, branding, fashion, and film.

Creative Industry Summit 2017

Over the past three years, we have brought together the region's top creatives, agencies, brands, and business innovators to our annual 2-day summit to discuss industry-wide concerns and to share their insights on the latest creative trends. Register now to attend Creative Industry Summit 2017 on 10-11 April at The Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel #CreativeIndMENA #IdeaBakers #TheWorxemc

Posted by Creative Industry Summit on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This annual summit is a unique networking and learning experience where you get to meet and learn from local and regional stakeholders of the different creative industry sectors representing brands, agencies, and academia at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel.

There are so many reasons not to miss Creative Industry Summit, lets break them down for you:

1- It’s the only summit for Egypt’s creative ecosystem

Creative Industry Summit provides a unique creative platform for those working in creative industries, professionals, entrepreneurs and fresh graduates to benefit from the expertise and success of other participants, including decision makers, experts and those with an interest in the fields of advertising, marketing and design by exploring projects and campaigns that have changed the way these industries express creativity.

2- An mind-blowing lineup featuring 40+ speakers from the region’s leading agencies and brands

Creative Industry Summit welcomes 40+ speakers including some of the most prominent regional and local experts and inspirational figures from the different creative sectors. The summit features speakers from McCANN London, MBC Group, Nestle, Henkel, L’Oreal Egypt, FP7/CAI, Tarek Nour Holding Group, AROMA, matter branding, Awe Research, Zenith Media, RESULTS and many regional and international speakers.

  1. Thomas Kolster, Global Speaker and Author of “Goodvertising: Creative Advertising that Cares”
  2. Sailesh Jani, Global Business Director, McCANN London
  3. Dina Nazmy, Senior Marketing Manager – Digital Portfolio, MBC Group
  4. Amin Al Husseini, Senior Manager Mobile Products, MBC Group
  5. Massimo Pozzetti, Global Marketing Strategist
  6. Heba Afifi, Communications Director, Nestlé North East Africa Region
  7. Nadine Helal, Head of Digital, Zenith Media
  8. Bassel El Shaboury, General Manager Laundry and Home Care, Henkel Egypt
  9. Mohamed El Araby, Business Unit Manager, L’Oreal Egypt
  10. Magd El Sherif, Co-founder and Creative Director, matter branding
  11. Samar Abdelaal, Insights Director, Awe Research

3- Meet and Network with MENA’s Advertising and Media Game Changers

It’s not everyday that the game changers of MENA’s creative sectors are in one event! Creative Industry Summit is the perfect opportunity to meet and network with game changers from across different creative industries, including advertising, art and design, film, photography, business innovation, radio, television and music.

4- Attract Potential Clients, Investors or Partners

Whether you are a creative, freelancer, an entrepreneur, or on the client side, Creative Industry Summit is the right environment for the spark to happen! The audience is Egypt’s top advertisers, marketers, agencies, and business leaders; and they are all open to new business ideas. You will have the chance to network, showcase your work, ask questions and obtain consultation from various experts within various creative industries.

5- Learn About the Latest Trends across the Different Creative Fields

Creative Industry Summit’s panel discussions are too insightful to miss. This year’s summit features two panel discussions where hot topics will be discussed. The panelists represent different views on industry-related topics from both agency and client sides and the audience gets the chance to argue and ask questions.

The 2017 Panel Discussions are:

  1. Gaming 360 (Moderated by: Nadine Helal, Head of Digital, Zenith Media Egypt)
  2. ة “teh marbota” Campaign: Egypt’s gift to the world  (Moderated by the famous journalist Lina El Ghadban)

6- Ask Questions and Get Advice on Your Ideas

With such a strong speakers lineup and sponsors network and a diverse audience, the summit is the place to ask questions and get the right answers, explore potential business opportunities within the different creative fields, and to jumpstart your creative idea.

Creative Industry Summit 2017 takes place on 10-11 April at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel, Garden City.

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