How to Create Timeless Creative Slogans & Brand Taglines

Catchy words can easily be carved in your mind. They can affect you, your thoughts, and your life. This is why, a remarkable slogan is very important for a brand to succeed.

Slogans are upbeat words that mixed together in a catchy way, and simply highlight the benefits of the brand. In other words, a Slogan is the theme of a brand. And to make a successful slogan, it has to be concise, appealing, distinctive, reflect a positive image of the brand, and most important is to be memorable. As a result, customers will love the slogan, believe in the brand vision, and believe that the product is reliable.

Some brands are lucky enough to coin a memorable slogan from the very beginning, and others keep experimenting different slogans until they reach the optimum one.

What is really important for brands is to reach the slogan that engages the people, the slogan that becomes unforgettable, the slogan that when customers hear they always remember the brand. So here are some memorable brands that customers will always remember:

Nike “Just Do IT”:

The slogan was coined at 1988 by advertising executive Dan Wieden. Despite the fact that the slogan was inspired by a murderer’s last words, it achieved a great success. At the begging, Nike products were made for marathon runners, brave hard-workers athletes, so it used the phrase “Just Do It” to encourage them to reach their goal no matter how much it is difficult.

After a while, the slogan was widened to include all types of people: athletes and non athletes. The slogan encourages people to just do whatever they dream of, to challenge, and to face the obstacles stand in their way. The slogan inspires them to chase their dreams, no matter how difficult or unreachable they are.

On the other hand, people loved the idea of someone encouraging them, someone believes in them without knowing them or their abilities.  They loved to wear Nike shoes, as it gave them the push to go on and achieve something great, something distinctive.

The inspirational phrase “Just Do It” becomes a well known motivation phrase that connected to Nike. Whenever someone says it, whenever we read it, whenever we see it written anywhere, we remember Nike. This is how the slogan becomes unforgettable, it is launched since 1988, and until now people relate the phrase to Nike. Until now people go buy Nike products, to just feel that they are ready enough to do it.

Nokia “Connecting People”:

After a number of slogans, Nokia reached a remarkable slogan, in 1992, by Ove Strandberg: “Connecting People. Instead of technology, network, and innovation, Nokia chooses a creative slogan that brings it close to people. The slogan was about connecting people together without any barriers or boundaries. It doesn’t mention how it is going to connect them because types of connections are always changing and being developed. So, Nokia wanted to tell people that no matter how technology develops, we will find a way to connect you with each others. Somehow the slogan was brilliant because it reflected every communication corporation top mission, and it didn’t put a limit of how they are going to make them communicate.

Moreover, in the slogan Nokia was focusing about what people want most which is communicating, and bridging the gap among them. Nowadays, if anyone mentions the phrase “Connecting People”, it will bring thoughts about Nokia. In other words, Nokia decided to pave a way of success to its brand, by choosing very simple, never to be forgotten slogan.

Disneyland “The Happiest Place on Earth”:

People work hard, experience new adventures, and fall in love to have that marvelous inner feeling: happiness. So, if you offer them a place when they will feel happy, even if it is for a little time, they will like to visit and always remember it. From that philosophy, Disneyland came out with the perfect slogan. Describing a place when you meet all the cartoon characters you admired when you were young, and play the funniest games ever as the happiest place on earth wouldn’t be so wrong.

The slogan portrays Disney as a magical place that provides you nothing but happiness. That is something people will remember in a life time. I mean who would ever forget the happiest place on earth. As a result, whenever people hear “The Happiest Place on Earth”, thinking of Disneyland is the first thing that rushes up into their minds.

Levis “Quality Never Goes Out of Style”:

Back in the 1980’s, Levis cames up with a slogan “Quality Never Goes Out of Style”, to define itself as the number one jean brand. In this slogan, unlike other clothes company, Levis focuses on the most important thing to customers which is quality. It claims that no matter how fashion changes and no matter things go out of style or become so stylish, quality will remains the most important thing. Levis knows that it may not be able to offer you most fashionable jeans, but it will offer you the high quality jeans.

Focusing on quality was totally a good step to leave a mark in peoples’ minds. In other words, Levis distinguished its products by highlighting a significant feature in jeans. As a result, people when they hear about high quality jeans, they surely remember Levis.

Las Vegas “What Happens Here, Stays Here”:

R&R Partners, in 2003, launched a campaign for Las Vegas titled “What Happens Here, Stays Here.” Nowadays, Las Vegas is very famous of the phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Moreover, a film called “what happens in Vegas” by Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher was filmed that tells a story of couples who got married in Vegas while there was so drunk.

People now use the phrase and even change it to suit the situation they are in. For example the phrase “what happens on tour, stays on tour”, it is invented by men who travel interstate or overseas for sporting tours. The phrase mean that exploits during the tour must be kept confidential. This is why the slogan is memorable, because people love it, they even use it, and change it to fit other situations.

Apple “Think Different”:

In August 8, 1997, Apple introduced a new catchy slogan that is called “think different”  by Steve Jobs. Not only that slogan is creative, but it is also engaging and suitable to the new era of technology. As working in the field of technology in general demands you to be creative and to think out of the box, Apple spotlights this idea as its new slogan.

It wants to deliver to the customers the idea of always creating special products because we think differently. This was very appealing to customers because they like the idea of being distinctive, the idea of having something unique not standard. Consequently, the idea of thinking differently was connected with apple. Sometimes, people buy apples because they really want to think differently and have something different will help them to have their own style of thinking. It is memorable because what all the generation are going to do at the future is thinking differently, like what apple did.

At the end, it is hard to create a slogan that will be unforgettable. However, it does not have to be complicated, all the slogans above are simple, yet they knew what people want. Most of them get close to be people through their feelings or their way of thinking. This how you can create a great slogan to be memorable, by knowing what will grab peoples’s attention.

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