Cook Door Gangwich to embrace different personalities to reflect new tastes!

Is customers’ loyalty just a notion in the digital age? Or is it the extreme opposite? A recent study actually showed that 67% of customers prefer to be loyal to one brand, but they don’t feel that the brand is loyal to them as individuals.

Brands which gain customer’s insights and execute personalized creative campaigns are the ones who capture and maintain customer’s loyalty. It’s not enough to provide products or services that your customer need, marketers have a more challenging endeavor when planning to advertise their product.

By now of course, marketers realize the importance and immerse effect of personalized content, showing your target audience that they are special by delivering relevant content.

Cook Door’s slogan is “Be Yourself”, it can’t get any more personalized than that!

Cook Door Gangwich Personalization:

Cook Door has been encouraging Egyptians to “Be themselves”, to stay true to themselves and eat what matches their personalities.

Egyptians are famous for their sense of humor, which Cook Door’s uses to their advantage when advertising their launch of new sandwiches  selection, #Gangwich.

What we saw is a well-crafted marketing strategy, introducing new varieties of flavors to suit different characters and situation.

As even when we are “ourselves” there are many aspects of our personalities that emerges with certain people or/and in different situations.

So Cook Door decided to provide a wider selection to choose from to perfectly suit each situation.

The advert features singer and composer Mohamed Noor, the bodybuilder and actor Al Shahat Mabrook and TV program presenter and interior designer Sherif Madkour.

Each one of the three celebrities featured in the advert appear as the same person however each character emerges as the surrounding situation changes.

When the pretty lady passes the man initially standing changes to Mohamed Noor as he is the smooth romantic one then when the brawny man passes, Mohamed Noor shifted to Al Shahat Mabrook and then when a lady was passing Sherif Madkour was the one there to help her carry her grocery bags as his charisma is known to capture every homemaker, especially mothers and grandmothers’ heart and his controversial opinions are extremely entertaining to the younger audience.

Cook Door’s Gangwich advert is relevant and humorously entertaining, and it shows, on Facebook the advert gained 2.8K likes.

As Cook Door understand that we tend to bring forth different aspect of our personalities, we will find the right sandwich to fit each situation while “being ourselves” still!

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