Controversial Marketing: How It Drove Hadia Ghaleb’s Brand Towards More Publicity

Have you ever heard of the saying “Bad publicity is good publicity”? It is said that this phrase was said in the 19th century by the American showman and circus owner Phineas T. Barnum. What the owner means here is that it is better that people talk bad about your product or brand than no one talks about it at all.

So, the bad publicity is good publicity because people will still know your brand.

If you’re a brand owner, would you rather for your brand stay hidden or for people to talk bad about it.

Let’s clarify how bad publicity can benefit you; when someone criticizes your brand or product, it is considered feedback, so, you will know what the things you lack are, which will make you know how to enhance your service and work on another marketing plan. This is actually called “Controversial Marketing”.

In fact, we witnessed this situation with the influencer Hadia Ghaleb when she launched her new brand; we have noticed the audience’s reaction to the product changed from when it was launched to now.


What Is Controversial Marketing?

Controversial marketing is an attention-grabbing technique that some brands use to provoke people.

People love to state their opinions about everything, and controversial marketing gives them the space to criticize and express their opinions.

This method gives the product or the brand publicity among people and as a brand owner, you will be able to spot the mistakes you made while making this product or while marketing it.


Pros of Controversial Marketing

Aside from grabbing the attention, there are other pros to Controversial marketing.

As we mentioned, controversial marketing gets people to talk and express their opinions, so you will be receiving a lot of feedback about your brand. This method also evokes emotions; some people tend to get attracted to trends and controversial brands and they buy their products.

It boosts sales, When it evokes people’s emotions and people start buying the product, it will boost the sales of the brand.


How Did It Work With Hadia Ghaleb?

When she first launched her brand, she got a massive backlash for the prices but these days something has changed.

On the 26th of April, the influencer and Founder of GPH Hadia Ghaleb announced the launch of her swimsuit brand The first reaction to the brand was a complete backlash as people attacked her for the price of the piece as it costs over 3K EGP.

Some people also commented that Hijabis can’t wear them and that the colors are old school.

These days, there was an observable change in how people’s opinions regarding the swimsuits. A few days ago, some people have been asking around about how to buy a Hadia Ghaleb’s swimsuits and others started praising the brand after the huge backlash.

So, the controversy that happened first and with some right marketing techniques the owner used, people started actually buying and asking about the swimsuits.


How Did She Market The Brand?

Aside from the controversial marketing method, she has been marketing the swimsuits in multiple ways.

The founder has been to North Cost and interacted with people there and she introduced the HGBUS. The HGBUS is a bus where women can visit to take pictures, shoot reels and try on the swimsuits in the fitting rooms to know their right fit.

The bus received huge publicity and everyone was talking about it.


The Mixed Opinions

Even though now there are some people who want to buy the products, there are some people who still dislike the whole brand.

Some people think that with the new beachwear Ghaleb has launched, she changed how Burkinis are viewed and she’s helping solve the problem that every Hijabi faces when they wear a Burkini to the beach or pool.

Others think that she’s a very smart and talented marketer for marketing her brand properly and winning over some people to side with her brand.


Others think that the swimsuits are overrated and the price is way too high, while some girls believe that this is not a Burkini and Hijabis can’t wear them.


Other Swimsuits Brands Than Hadia Ghaleb’s

There are other brands and online outlets that can help you choose your Burkini.


Swijabi is a local Egyptian swimsuit brand that has a variety of swimsuits in different sizes and colors. One of the factors that distinguish Swijabi is that Hijabi women can wear it as it offers swimsuits that have long pieces that cover a big part of the body and has cover-ups.


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SIYA Swimwear

The brand is based in the Netherlands and it has many sizes and varieties of swimsuits that also fit Hijabis.

Lyra Swim

Another brand also offers different sized and designs that also fit hijabi women.

Hydro Swimwear

Hydro Swimwear also has chic and elegant burkinis with its cover-ups.


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