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Content Marketing Wins: The Mental Health Survival Guide to the COVID-19 Pandemic by Eterna Healthcare City

As the coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) pandemic continues to spread, hectic schedules and awful lot of zoom meetings or actual meetings – since we’re all getting back – convenience is key when catering to our health and also our content!

So, take a look on Eterna Healthcare City content strategy, a place where medical needs are met and a lead-generating, unsurpassed content strategy.

A brand on a mission to re-shape the future of healthcare in Egypt:

Eterna Healthcare city is a place where all one’s medical needs are met; be it a doctor or a wellness devotee. With its H-shaped structure, Eterna provides people and doctors a wide range of medical services and facilities such as hospitals, specialized medical centers, clinics, labs, radiology centers and pharmacies driven by innovation and cutting-edge equipment with over 70% of greenery to leverage the experience.

Healthcare marketing:

How Content can Resuscitate your Business & Get you through Crises: Covid-19 Hits, but Eterna deals.

Since Covid-19 outbreak, businesses have been losing the anticipated growth rates; we have all suffered and still are suffering with efforts going to waste. However, the strategists of Eterna HealthCare City have found an opportunity not to only leverage their name in the market but to also give back to the community and the people, and that is through developing relevant and efficient digital content.

Raising people awareness, Eterna has launched 3 main successful campaigns to provide useful content  for those dealing with the current situation of Coronavirus.

Let’s delve deeper into every one of them, getting to grips with their insights.

First Key Message: “Stay Safe, Stay Immunized”

You might think that it’s a cliché!

In fairness, Eterna is one of the very first organizations condoning the “stay safe” concept. Also, the content key message answered the question: how can you boost your immune system during the covid-19 pandemic?

Our bodies make proteins called antibodies that destroy abnormal cells, but the battle all depends on how healthy we are, both mentally and physically, in the first place. All sorts of factors can affect our immune systems, from a stressful lifestyle or poor sleeping pattern, to a diet lacking in essential nutrients. As a result, sometimes this multi-level system fails us and a germ invades successfully.

The main objective of the campaign was to educate the people about the precautionary steps to be taken in order to avoid carrying or spreading the virus, as there were many misconceptions about such steps.


Second Key Message: BE C L O S E

You can call it a pun or word play, but we will call it a paradox! Paradoxes attract: that’s a winner of people’s divided attention.

They played on the visuals in order for them to get their message through to people.

The main objective was to highlight the negative, psychological impacts of staying home, and the distance people were suffering from what with quarantine and the partial curfew.


Psychologically driven campaigns with quality content convey leads; it taps a nerve that your audience can relate to. The value of this campaign was equipping people with tips and tricks that help them keep their sanity intact, fostering the collective and emotional support people need to receive and be giving during such a time is. The campaign focused on how while being physically distant, people could still “be close” through communicating and practicing their new lifestyles in an active and productive way.

3rd Key Message; Life Matters featuring Osama Mounir

How about launching a campaign with value content, taking advantage of it by instilling your tagline into people’s brains!

That’s what their creative team did!

They took their tagline “Life Matters,” and turned it into an honest campaign that tackles a problem that their audience struggled with!

The main objective was to highlight the internal fight people had during the Coronavirus pandemic, as some of us felt like there was no point in taking the precautionary steps, some didn’t know why they were doing it, and some were fed up with the whole thing!

That’s what Eterna realized, and that’s why they worked their way around, producing an emotionally, captivating video featuring a voice-over artist that always rings a bell and assures your very being; Osama Mounir.

Even the choice of Osama’s voice hits a note of familiarity with the audience they’re targeting. They used English as the language voiced to reach a wider audience.

What has really pointed out their genius was the recurring theme or the slogan of the video which echoes their tagline; Life Matters. You can check the video out here:

That’s being said! Content can get you anywhere, everywhere. Trust it!

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