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Concrete: Egyptian brand raises to world-class level with “Iconic Men” campaign

Concrete is an Egyptian brand that was built in 1989. Concrete is built to transcends its founder’s passionate interest in men’s fashion. Later in 1996 it was acquired by a leading and the most prominent textile and garment manufacturing groups of factories in the Middle East and the world; Arafa Holding.

Many Egyptian brands faded into the background because they were unable to adapt to the marketing scene while the current status of the Egyptian economy is welcoming all local brands that can offer world-class quality level.

Some Egyptian brands may have a great opportunities but are not in reach with their customers or potential clients using the right communication messages.

Can Egyptian brands rise again to face the challenge?

Identifying brand’s buyer personas is of the most importance in all marketing aspects to create relevant content, that your potential customer be interested in.

Authentic Egyptian brands that specializes in fashion industry and made from the Egyptian long staple cotton fibers still have a chance to compete on global level but the sad fact is, they are almost non-existing on social media platforms in a country with almost 40M internet users.

How Concrete hooked younger generations with its iconic men:

Concrete released a diverse celebrity campaign that targets young generation with a charming appeal. The selection of the campaign celebrities meant to meet a certain standards of social class, education and career success to work in harmony with Concrete brand philosophy.

A world-class series of adverts that features iconic men, community idols. Having those iconic men showcased in Concrete wardrobe going about their lives is a scene to behold.

Asser Yassin for Concrete Menswear

Iconic Men | Mastered elegance for outstanding performance | Asser Yassin for Concrete Menswear. Check out the full story #concreteicons

Posted by Concrete on Sunday, April 2, 2017

The adverts gained a total of 7.8K likes and was viewed 216K times in 3 days time span.

Concrete is inviting its audience to see how its designs will match each and every style, without sacrificing your identity and to transcend ordinary to extraordinary and iconic.

The adverts features aspiring actor Asser Yassin, Ahmed Hatem, the entrepreneur and athlete Aly Mazhar and the professional squash player Ramy Ashour.

The diversity of celebrity featured is targeting many customer personas, translated that you can be sporty, fit, star and still find the attire that perfectly suits your iconic status.

Campaign Reactions on Social Media:

The simplicity of the adverts is world-class, not a familiar approach to Egyptian adverts and especially garments and menswear. Most of the campaign feedback is positive while females dominating shared opinions on Twitter and Facebook.

An outdoors campaign to resonate and attract the traffic jam drivers to check out the digital campaign, in an utterly simple and sophisticated billboards that show Concrete’s essence.

عايزين نعمل حملة قومية لإيقاف حملة إعلانات "كونكريت" الجديدة.. الـOutdoor والـSocial Media وكل وسيلة مرئية .. طيب إحنا…

Posted by Rawan M. Mosaad on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The huge adverting campaign indicates the true brand intentions to never fade out anytime soon. If you like the campaign and want more, you will find exclusive interviews that was done with each celebrity, don’t miss to read them here.

Why is Concrete evolving to keep up with its customer?

Arafa Holding has 15% of UK formal menswear market share and more than 10% of Egypt’s garment exports.

It is a corporate with a vision and agility to evolve alongside its customer and start targeting younger generation to shift the brand’s perspective to a more younger look and appeal to other generations as well.

It is not holding tight to the only customers they have and know them and that is it, it is evolving to appeal to younger Egyptians.

So it is no surprise that Concrete latest menswear campaign is catching a lot of attention in the past few days.

Logo uplift to go with the new audience exposure?

Concrete has cut off its old serif and evolved to a more sans serif logo uplift. The serif fonts are those with small lines tailing from the edges of letters and using serif fonts are easier to read in printed work, however, sans serif is a smooth edged letter unlike the serif and this typeface is better on the web.

Concrete New and Old Logos

As well as, serif is the oldest known typeface, it is used to convey respectable and conventional. The sans serif fonts are used to convey contemporary, straight forwardness and futuristic.

The logo uplift along with the sophisticated yet trendy campaign showcase Concrete as an Egyptian brand that took a bold move to face the new marketing challenges by evolving strengthen its brand’s presence and exposure to appeal to Egyptians consumers using the right brand ambassadors.

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