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Cold Beverage War loomed after Mohamed Salah’s goal

As the crowd cheered for Mohamed Salah’s first goal for Chelsea the two cold beverage tycoons Pepsi and Sprite hurried…

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As the crowd cheered for Mohamed Salah’s first goal for Chelsea the two cold beverage tycoons Pepsi and Sprite hurried to contain their market share and brand reputation. As the ball crossed the goal’s line the boundaries between the two brands seemed to fade out as Sprite “X-sprited” itself through it Twitter account and tried to join with the cheering crowd “Tweet:

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[blockquote style=”quote” align=”right” author=”Mohamed Salah”]I’m very excited to be a part of the 2014 Pepsi team with all the other great players. Football has become a global and overall language of all sports fans in the Middle East.[/blockquote]Pepsi unveiled their 2014 squad of footballing superstars on January 16, 2014, combining a wealth of international talent to create an iconic lineup spanning five continents and 17 countries.

However, Pepsi promptly responded fearing that it would lose its sponsored football star Mohamed Salah, whose popularity soared high after he joined Chelsey, one of the most loved and admired European teams in Egypt and the Middle East. Pepsi, although trying to sound calm and diplomatic, couldn’t hide it stress and fear of losing the bounding after goal hug with its fans.

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Sprite was then courteous enough to calm Pepsi down, or in other words “Cool Pepsi off” with a tweet that would only come from a side that knows quite well that they have already scored a point in the competition.

Followers replies to @spriteegypt and @pepsimasr on Twitter
Followers replies to @spriteegypt and @pepsimasr on Twitter

At the end the question imposes itself…could the intangible digital world maintain the ethical boundaries of the marketing world?

The answer is obvious…

Who Cares?!

Log in and enjoy the fun. Enjoy the digital impulsiveness J

photo courtesy: MrPunisheR10

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Road to Russia 2018: The most prepared brands for the historical moment

Mohamed Salah and our beloved team have done it!  Salah scored a stoppage-time penalty to secure a 2-1 win over Congo…

Mohamed Salah and our beloved team have done it!  Salah scored a stoppage-time penalty to secure a 2-1 win over Congo and Egypt’s place in the finals for the first time since 1990.

Beating out a 28-dry spell that has left us unable to go the world cup since 1990, we are now on our way to Russia 2018. In a historic day, people banded together, prepared to cheer or cry as the team went against their opponents.

A Dose of Inspiration ➤ 6 Insightful Key Lessons by The Aspiring Mohamed Salah

We weren’t the only ones preparing for the match outcome. Leading brands came out with prepared content to celebrate the iconic moment. It seems they too were preparing themselves for whatever happened.

While marketing plans should cover one year, some brands made a well developed tactical plans to cover just one moment. Their dedication to the team, and their fans, have led us to compile a list of the most prepared brands.


Vodafone + Pepsi (8:58 pm)

In less than 24 hours, although not all organic, Pepsi and Vodafone have reached over 6 million views together, with both brands posting their own video. Vodafone’s love for creating brand-personalized songs shines through in this ad, they were also one of the fastest brands to post last night.

The video campaign was crosspost-ed on both Vodafone and Pepsi Facebook pages to hit over 2M views in less than 2 hours while it reached the 4th rank over Egypt’s trending topics on Twitter.


مقاطعناش و فكينا النحس!مبروك لمصر 🇪🇬#الفرحة_الليلة 🎉Pepsi & Amr Diab

Posted by Vodafone Egypt on Sunday, October 8, 2017


Etisalat (9:01 pm)

Etisalat went safe with their video for the historic match last night, opting for a simple nationalistic ad. The brand even took the time to provide its users with a special promo for the win.

مبروك لمصر #مصر_في_كأس_العالم

مبروك لمصر #مصر_في_كأس_العالم

Posted by Etisalat Misr on Sunday, October 8, 2017


Orange (9:33 pm)

Orange jumps out, not only with a video, but with a remix of its now controversial song/ad. The ad brings back the catchy beat of the original song, but with remixed lyrics to celebrate our win. The telecommunications brand also included a promo in its video, following in line with rival, Etisalat.

اورنچ – شكرًا لمنتخبنا

ادى الفرحه ولا بلاش .. عاش ياولادنا عاش عاشمبروك لمصر وشكرا لمنتخبنا اللى حقق حلم كل المصريين ووصّلنا كاس العالم تانىاحتفل واستمتع ب٩٠ وحدة بجنيه ونص بس، كلم #2018# #حلم_المصريين#شكرا_منتخبنا#مصر_في_كاس_العالم

Posted by Orange on Sunday, October 8, 2017


TODO (9:11 pm)

Of course we couldn’t avoid our favorite new-jacking brand. Todo also posted before the match, with something very similar to their famous Oscar post.

عامل ايه ياكابتن مجدي دلوقتي! #ولعت #أخيرا #راحت_عليك_ياجوجو #خافي_ياروسيا #صلاح_الأسطورة

Posted by TODO on Sunday, October 8, 2017


Telecom Egypt (9:16 pm)

With the slogan “We Belongs To You” Telecom Egypt kicked off sponsoring the national team with such a big milestone for the Egyptian football history.

With its campaign highlighting the idea of being close to Egyptians, the company chose to hit the market with a new logo and identity “ We” and used the new color theme to cover the stadium dugout area to help in making the stadium look fascinating.


Birell (8:58 pm)

Birell’s video, again one of the more prepared brands, came out with this fun look at those who were born during Egypt’s last venture to the World Cup. The brand also came out with a video later on, showing a Birell helicopter showering the streets of a celebrating Cairo with giveaways and celebration flyers.

اخيرا اتأهلنا ومواليد 90 هيشوفوا مصر فى كأس العالم بعد سنين صبر وتشجيع..

Posted by Birellman Egypt on Sunday, October 8, 2017


Egypt Air (8:58 pm)

EgyptAir, one of the fastest to post on social media last night, not only posted this quick congratulations, they also posted a post match photo with Salah and Hadari.

مبروك الفوز لمصر والتأهل لكأس العالم روسيا 2018 🇪🇬 #مصر_للطيران #روسيا2018 Congratulations for qualifying to the world cup Russia 2018. 🇪🇬 #EGYPTAIR #Russia2018

Posted by EGYPTAIR on Sunday, October 8, 2017


Samsung (9:06 pm)

Samsung’s cute post is cute, but we’re hoping that the team doesn’t run into any on their trip.

استعدي يا روسيا المصريين جايين⚽، مبروك لمصر التأهل لكاس العالم ✌️☄️

Posted by Samsung Egypt on Sunday, October 8, 2017


Symbols for the content creating community

Pre-planning content, whether for two-sided possible outcomes, is critical to being prepared at a moment’s moment. It’s not only for special occasions, but for everyday content and social media work.

On this occasion, these brands show us the power of being prepared.

Just like why preparing a speech beforehand or coming up with things on the fly, preparation lets you ensure a certain higher quality of content. Here we can see 7 brands who have come out with fun and engaging content. Some even went extreme, such as Vodafone & Pepsi, creating videos that may not have ever seen daylight if the outcome was different.

Either way, we won’t be forgetting both the dedicated brands and our win last night.

*Featured photo media credit: Khaled Hesham

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Mixing Influencers and Medicine: What’s gone wrong with the Gaviscon campaign?

As the Eid holiday passes us by (sorry for those that didn’t get it off), so do the days where…

As the Eid holiday passes us by (sorry for those that didn’t get it off), so do the days where many of us may suffer heartburn from our mothers’, aunts’ and grandmas’ buffet table.

Gaviscon, a worldwide heartburn medicine provider, has taken up the challenge to help provide relief to the family members in discomfort. To reach out to a public that seems to not enjoy its hefty price tag (Gaviscon being more expensive than more popular options in the market), Gaviscon reached out to influencers to help spread the word.


ماحدش يقدر ينكر ان "كبدة اولاد الفلاح" فى إسكندرية بقا علامة و تريند للاسكندرانية و المصريين كلهم و خصوصا اللى عايشين فى…

Posted by Pola Salem on Sunday, September 3, 2017

للناس اللي بتحب الفطير والاكل الحِرش زي حالاتي ، الازازه الكيوت الصغننه دي مينفعش تفارق جيبك ،للناس اللي دايما بيجيلها ح…

Posted by Amr Rady on Monday, September 4, 2017

جافيسكون بعتولي الهدية دي وكتبوا عليها اسمي 😍❤️الفكرة بقا ان كتر اللحمه والفته ف العيد بتسبب حموضة المعدة،لما يسبّبلك…

Posted by Mahmoud Badri on Sunday, September 3, 2017


لأن بكرة عيد الأضحي " أوي زي مابنسميه عيد اللحمه " أكتر حاجه بنشوفها ف الصيدليات والمستشفيات هي الناس اللي بتشتكي من الح…

Posted by Ali Ghozlan on Thursday, August 31, 2017


Some posts, such as Ali Ghozlan’s, were copied and posted onto other social media profiles and pages. Most notably, at least 2 pharmacies have copied an influencer’s status and created their own design for their Facebook pages.


Unfortunately for the company, it didn’t go over well with some netizens.

Many took to social media to complain and make fun of the medicine provider and the influencer posts.

واضح ان كل مشاهير السوشيال ميديا عندهم حموضه فكلهم بيعملوا اعلان ل جافيسكون😂#مقفوشه_ياخلابيص

Posted by Hannah Khalid on Monday, September 4, 2017

جافيسكون أدفانس صارف و مكلف اليومين دول..تقريبا مسابش "انفلونسر" علي السوشيال ميديا معملوش اعلان مدفوع الاجر..كانوا يدوني انا القرشين دول و انا اكتبه في الروشتات!

Posted by Muhammad Sabry Yassin on Monday, September 4, 2017

Content marketing and medicine mix, but only if done right

Gavison had the right idea, unfortunately, with weak execution.

Content marketing and medicine go hand in hand. Content marketing focuses on bringing humanity to social media, which is exactly what medical companies and facilities need, influencer marketing also enforces the same thing.


So why did Gavison’s influencer tactics get such bad reception?

A weak guiding hand

The major issue with Gavison’s influencer posts is that the influencers lost their strongest asset, their humanity and uniqueness.

Most of the posts read out as an ad copy; a description of the problem, how they solved it with the product, and the slogan or USP (unique selling point) of the product.

Influencers make their mark, and are more useful to marketers, by creating content that stays within their unique view of the world and their personalities. Their content reflects them, showing off their human side.

The content that most made for this campaign turned out more ad-like than Gavison was probably aiming for. This happens by not prepping the influencers with better guidelines, and while guidelines may sound weird when we’re trying to these people to create their own content, sometimes a guiding hand is really needed.

With a guiding hand, the marketers behind the campaign could have easily avoided the backlash it is receiving, and created better focused content that showed the medicine being used naturally by influencers.


How could they have done it better?

Reaching out to medical bloggers

In Gavison’s case, medical professionals and their blogs would have been a more suitable choice. Influencer marketing adds a stronger power behind reviews and blogs about a product, exactly what the company needed.

With reviews or content that would include the product by actual medical bloggers, the medicine provider would have gotten better reach and less backlash.


Asking influencers to focus on health and wellness, or their usage of the product, instead of the medicine’s effects

One of the main tips of content creation for medical products and facilities is to always focus on humanity, health and wellness above all else.

People want to relate, improve and feel better about themselves, all of which can be attained by focusing on those 3 elements.

By having influencers writing about Gaviscon and its effects, it lowers the effect the marketing could have had on their followers. This also led to backlash, as people don’t enjoy feeling like their favorite influencer is selling their followers to marketers.


Do you think that influencer marketing and medical products mix? Let us know in the comments below.

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Lannister, Stark or Targaryen? OSN gets you into the mood with new Messenger Bot

Game of Thrones has officially started and a new season of flying blood and tears has been released. The internationally…

Game of Thrones has officially started and a new season of flying blood and tears has been released. The internationally loved Game of Thrones (GOT) has become a legend, with millions of people stuck to their TV or computer screens whenever a new episode comes out.

To help launch the popular show’s newest season, Orbit Showtime Network (OSN) introduced a new Facebook Messenger bot to help get viewers into the mood.


Immersion through Social Media

Fans of the now 7 year running show can catch a glimpse of Westeros in OSN’s innovative messenger bot.

Rather than simply answering questions you may have; the bot brings the user on a short yet satisfying story. It immerses people into the GOT world, and lets users have a bit of fun with it.

” Our objective was to not only offer a fun platform for seasoned Game of Thrones fans to play with, but rather offer a fun way for potential new fans to discover the series and that has changed the face of television forever.” Majd Abi Ali, Head of Social Media of OSN

The bot, which can be reached by simply opening a conversation with OSN’s Facebook page, offers a simple adventure but one that can raise a person’s spirits for the day.

The user gets to interact with some of the show’s main iconic characters; pledging their allegiance to the character’s house or mission, a few close calls and a bit of good dialogue.


Imitation or Inspiration?

OSN’s GOT game has a good bit of nice copywriting, but does it compare to the Game of Thrones Survival game?

The Game of Thrones Survival game is a famous bot, and jumps deeper into GOT territory. It serves up more options than OSN’s version, and enjoys even better copywriting. The bot has also been mentioned in Forbes as one of this year’s 20 Fun Facebook Messenger Bots To Play With Right Now.


Should Marketers even consider Messenger Bots?

As messenger bots aren’t being widely used in the MENA region, and because they’re simple and easy to use, now is a great time to start using them. Here are some pointers.


  • Reaching Existing customers
    Use Messenger bots to automatically reach already existing customers or people who like your page; send notifications, updates and even deals through your messenger bot.
  • Providing a new and personal experience
    Although not used often, marketers can use bots as an extension of their content marketing strategy.Use the bot to create relationships with your customers, provide help and value without using any man power.When users request for something, your bot can step with the relevant information and links. This is a great way to generate traffic whether back to your social media or to your website, as well as sales.
  • FAQ machine
    Don’t spend hours a day answering generic questions; a messenger bot can answer generic questions such as working hours, prices, contact details and others.
  • An easy sales funnel
    After ensuring your bot can answer FAQs, use it to sell your products.Making the shopping experience easier has been an important part of mobile marketing, and bots make it even simpler. Some chat bot builders enable online payments from places such as Paypal, making shopping super simple and easy to grasp.
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Internet shows world how to make a #QualitySelfie

Mobile manufacturers work towards the goal through innovation, technological breakthroughs, mobile phone additions, applications and more. Selfie lovers, beauty gurus…

Mobile manufacturers work towards the goal through innovation, technological breakthroughs, mobile phone additions, applications and more. Selfie lovers, beauty gurus and models have been hounding us with tips and tricks such as angling the phone or taking it from a high perspective. In the end, most of us still don’t really understand what a quality selfie is or how to take one.

Last month, TECNO mobile decided to try and put a stop to that debate.

With the release of #QualitySelfie, the company tasked several influencers and the Manchester city Football team to create a quality selfie and challenge three others to do the same. This let the internet control what it meant to create a quality selfie.


What is a Quality Selfie?

The game was simple, create a quality selfie, but what is a quality selfie?

A quality selfie is a selfie that tells a story, or shows a cool or unique action or skill. It also has to be high resolution, which TECNO mobile provides with their new Camon CX mobile phone.

The mobile phone, which was released last month, has been on the marketing trail with its usefulness to Selfie takers. The phone boasts a 16MP HD front camera with dual front flashes, as well as some great hardware and software to ensure capturing some amazing photos.

Today’s young demographic is in love with selfie taking, which encouraged mobile manufacturers to focus on improving camera hardware and software to attract young audiences. It also encouraged the creation of photo sharing social platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, which attract millions of new young users every year.


Having fun with it; quality selfie competition

Most selfies are average, cute or beautiful photos of people and their friends, the term and hashtag #QualitySelfie aims to change that with a challenge. During the last month, dozens of people have used the tag on Instagram, over 870 times!

These quality selfies are on the list to win one of three Camon CX mobile phones, and more videos are posted every day. The competition seems easy, just take a video and you’re done! But it takes more than just a will to make a great quality selfie, so get inspired by these 10 videos.

The Fun


The Silly and Quirky



For the Action Lovers



The Selfie Queens



And the Adorable


Looking for some fun ways to take a selfie? Check out the Hashtag on Instagram.

Looking for a new phone to take those fun selfies with? Check out TECNO mobile’s Camon CX, with its Ramadan price of 3099 EGP instead of 3499 EGP.

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