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Cold Beverage War loomed after Mohamed Salah’s goal

As the crowd cheered for Mohamed Salah’s first goal for Chelsea the two cold beverage tycoons Pepsi and Sprite hurried to contain their market share and brand reputation. As the ball crossed the goal’s line the boundaries between the two brands seemed to fade out as Sprite “X-sprited” itself through it Twitter account and tried to join with the cheering crowd “Tweet:

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[blockquote style=”quote” align=”right” author=”Mohamed Salah”]I’m very excited to be a part of the 2014 Pepsi team with all the other great players. Football has become a global and overall language of all sports fans in the Middle East.[/blockquote]Pepsi unveiled their 2014 squad of footballing superstars on January 16, 2014, combining a wealth of international talent to create an iconic lineup spanning five continents and 17 countries.

However, Pepsi promptly responded fearing that it would lose its sponsored football star Mohamed Salah, whose popularity soared high after he joined Chelsey, one of the most loved and admired European teams in Egypt and the Middle East. Pepsi, although trying to sound calm and diplomatic, couldn’t hide it stress and fear of losing the bounding after goal hug with its fans.

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Sprite was then courteous enough to calm Pepsi down, or in other words “Cool Pepsi off” with a tweet that would only come from a side that knows quite well that they have already scored a point in the competition.

Followers replies to @spriteegypt and @pepsimasr on Twitter
Followers replies to @spriteegypt and @pepsimasr on Twitter

At the end the question imposes itself…could the intangible digital world maintain the ethical boundaries of the marketing world?

The answer is obvious…

Who Cares?!

Log in and enjoy the fun. Enjoy the digital impulsiveness J

photo courtesy: MrPunisheR10

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