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COCA COLA VS. PEPSI – The digital seen on Twitter [Infographic]

The Coke vsPepsi conflict was always a rich case to study world wide, the brands have been fighting each other for more than a century.

Coke vsPepsi conflict History//

  • The saga began in 1886, when John S. Pemberton developed the original recipe for Coke.
  • Pepsi-Cola was created in 13 years later by pharmacist Caleb Bradham.
  • Coke developed its iconic contour bottle, got big name endorsements and expanded to Europe.
  • Pepsi went bankrupt because of WWI.
  • During WWII, Pepsi amped up its advertising and started selling its drink in cans.
  •  In the 50s, Coke ads started hitting TV, while Pepsi rebranded to try to keep up.
  • Coke decided to go public in 1962, on the heels of its launch of Sprite, which would become one of its most successful brands.
  • Pepsi merged with Frito Lay in the mid-60s to create PepsiCo, setting the stage for the war today. Diet drinks popped up too, creating a whole new soda segment.
  • Coke has a big lead in cola market share over Pepsi, but Pepsi’s multiple business lines haul in more cash.
  • Both brands have made tons of changes to their logos throughout their histories. Neither look anything like they did originally
  • They’ve both embraced the digital world as social media gets bigger and bigger.

Here is the infograph that summarizes the two brands digital competitive analysis on Twitter in the Egyptian Market [10 Dec.2012 – 10 Jan 2013]


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