Coca-Cola just created the world’s first “selfie bottle”

If the selfie stick wasn’t enough to satisfy your social media addiction, because now there are bigger and better ways to take pictures of yourself. You can now take self-portraits using a “selfie bottle” from Coke.

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Coca-Cola is arming up to take the social media world by storm. The iconic beverage-maker has unveiled a custom-designed ‘selfie bottle’ camera that lets you casually take snaps as you slurp its less than nutritious refreshments.

The company attached a camera-equipped base to a 500 ml Coke to create what it calls the “world’s first selfie bottle.” It automatically takes photos when it detects a 70-degree tilt, and you can transfer photos through its USB port.

The product was developed by Coca-Cola itself after its Israeli branch spotted a gap in the market for novelty drinks. Creative agency Gefen Team helped the legendary manufacturer further carry out the concept.

Devised by Gefen Team for the Coca-Cola Summer Love campaign, Israel’s largest outdoor brand event, the resulting selfies can be shared on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

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In a statement the agency said: “Users tag themselves and their friends in photos on Coca-Cola’s social media assets. It really does the trick and makes the partygoers more present and active during the event, knowing they can share their special moments just by drinking.”

With the ‘selfie bottle’, Coca-Cola has come up with yet another way to make you feel good about yourself as you’re sipping your health away. But hey: At least you can leisurely catch it on cam now.

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