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Coca Cola ends summer with new “Selfie Bottle”

As the end of summer closes in, people slowly return to their homes from their beach and sun paradises with memories of the fun summer. As with most summer memories, memories fade while the beauty and smiles that we capture on camera do not.

This is the premise behind the beverage giant’s newest bottle, the Selfie bottle.


Saving the memories with a bottle:

Coca Cola’s new “bottle” isn’t actually a bottle change, but a reusable cap. The ad shows off a fun summer vacation at the beach, filled with smiles and laughter and the usual selfie taking. Difference is, now vacation goers don’t need a selfie stick with them at all times.


Just put on the new selfie cap onto your Coca Cola bottle, put in your phone and selfie! 

Now, with the power of the red beverage giant, you can save your favorite memories of the summer.


Coca cola uses peoples’ superfluous love of Selfies to launch its new campaign.

Coca Cola launching again a summer campaign: Selfie bottle. This is time the iconic Coke bottle application is different. You are not only going to take photos while you are drinking from one angle, you can take photos with your friends on the sea or you can select any other view, because this is time you will not need a selfie stick once Coke bottle is here.

Coca cola craved a mobile place in the button to make people able to take picture from any angle they want and to choose their own view.

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This isn’t the first time that Coca Cola has launched a Selfie bottle. We think that coca cola was intended to distribute the previous Selfie bottle on certain people to get the public motivated. In other words, coca cola wanted to trigger the public, to excite them.

So first it chose what its audience do a lot nowadays which is taking Selfies, making memories. This somehow will make it reach a wide variety of audiences. I mean who does not like to take photos!

Second, people will watch the pictures on social media and they will want the same. They will want to have the same experience. So they will keep waiting for Coca Cola to do something like that for them. Moreover, they will keep visiting coca cola websites, they will keep talking about it, and posting it on social media.

Third and finally, when coca cola really do, people will hurry up to stores pushing each other’s to buy coca cola new Selfie bottle. To take pictures and upload on social media to live the experience they been waiting for.

It’s really smart marketing activation to reach your audience by the most thing they love now, to reach your audience through their feelings, and making memories are the closest thing to peoples’ feelings.

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Now all that is left to look for is Pepsi’s reaction. Last year, the two beverage giants launched their special summer bottles, also at the very end of the summer season. The battle for the summer bottle was fierce, and maybe we’ll have another one this year.

Should we await a selfie drone from Pepsi?

Would you take a selfie with your red bottle of Coke? Let us know in the comments below

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