Club House: The Social Media Black Horse Is Not Racing Anymore?

Not so long ago we witnessed the rise of Clubhouse and how it gained instant popularity. For quite some time, Clubhouse was the trendiest application in the whole world. In February, it reached 10 million active users every week; it was so popular that even when it wasn’t available for Android users, they downloaded a cracked beta version.

At first, everyone joined Clubhouse and created rooms, and the idea itself of sending invitations made people even more curious to join! However, ever since everyone joined and even Android users, we can’t help but notice that Clubhouse isn’t as popular as it was!

So, is Clubhouse losing its hype?


Did People Lose Interest In Clubhouse?

It’s very obvious that there’s no mention of Clubhouse unless some influencers are creating rooms to discuss a certain topic.

Number of downloads. Source: medium

Even when the application was finally available to Android users, the news didn’t make a buzz on social media as it was expected to since everyone was excited to have it on their Android phones! Until now, the application didn’t make any headlines ever since it was trending in February!


Why Is ClubHouse Fading?

There are many reasons why people are not talking about Clubhouse anymore.

When the application gained recognition for the first time, people used it to serve their business and learn. Many celebrities and entrepreneurs held discussions over there and many marketers and entrepreneurs gathered in rooms to discuss the market.

Club House Global Interest Over Time – According to Google Trends

This is still happening but it’s not as much as it did before! In fact, some users started using the application in the wrong way.


Inappropriate Rooms

Instead of using Clubhouse to serve business, people started to have different interests.

Many people have expressed that there are inappropriate rooms on Clubhouse that discuss weird topics! Many users have actually lost interest in the application because they came across some users who are using Clubhouse for the wrong intentions.

Some also stated that there have been scammers on the application.


What Is The Problem Clubhouse Solved?

Did Clubhouse actually present something new or a solution?

The application revolves around creating rooms, which allow you to speak with others by voice.  Technically, before Clubhouse, this option kind of existed, we had Zoom, Telegram, and other applications that served similar options.

In fact, right after Clubhouse kicked off, some social media platforms wanted to catch up!

Facebook created the same option, so did Twitter when it created its “Space” option, Spotify, and Anghami did the same through its live radio.

So, these platforms almost stole the application’s thunder! If you want to discuss music then you’ll head to Anghami because you have the option of playing music there, and you can use either Twitter or Facebook for any other topic!


New Features Could Hype Up Users

The one new feature Clubhouse added is “Backchannel” which allows users to text.

We haven’t witnessed any serious updates that could attract people again and make Clubhouse a trend. This could be one of the reasons why people are losing interest in the application; there are no new features that are worthy of mentioning, and the application didn’t make any updates to its current features.

Adding new features or updating the current ones could draw people’s attention to the application again. There are many competitors that will always try to beat Clubhouse, so the platform needs to top them and top itself and present new innovative features.


Club House Financial Facts & Figures:

Clubhouse is currently valued at over $1 billion. In January 2021, Andreesen Horowitz and others valued Alpha Exploration Co. (the company behind ClubHouse) at over $1 billion. That value is ten times higher than the first one, which was only six months ago. According to Zoe Bernard, this is a rare situation.


What about you? Do you think Clubhouse is losing its popularity? Tell us why.

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