Citroën Egypt Announces Amr Diab As Its Official Brand Ambassador

Major news in the automotive field has been spreading rapidly as the french automaker Citroën launches the totally new C4. People who are into cars have been keeping up with the brand’s news and asking about the release date of the very comfortable C4.

The new car is known to have new features and design that grabs attention, which is one of the reasons why car lovers are curious to know everything about the new C4.

The brand announced the launch of the new C4 by organizing an amazing ceremony and launching an elegant campaign. Citroen also announced major news that made people excited, which is having a new ambassador.


Citroën X Amr Diab

On the 3rd of December, Citroën released a brand new advert featuring the icon Amr Diab.

In a catchy song by El Hadaba, the brand introduced the new C4 car with its unique features. We have to admit that collaborating with Diab and creating a jingle-based advert is a smart move from the brand. Amr Diab’s songs and adverts are always known to go viral and live in people’s minds for a long time, and since the song is catchy, we expect it will gain people’s admiration.

The campaign is as we described, elegant, which perfectly represents the brand and the new car. Also, the brand did not just collaborate with Diab to launch the campaign, in fact, it announced him as its ambassador.


Over 8.4 Million Views In 7 Days

The advert has received positive feedback on social media platforms.

On Youtube, the advert has over 11,631,065 views and the majority of the comments are praising the song, the advert itself, the brand, and of course Amr Diab. As for Facebook, the advert has 6.7 million views, 15K reacts, 1.4K comments, and 1.1K Shares. People left very positive comments on the advert and praised Cirtoen for collaborating with Amr Diab.


Amr Diab: Citroën’s Ambassador

In one of a kind ceremony by Citroen, Amr Diab made a special appearance to present the new C4; but he wasn’t there just to be a special guest, it was announced that he is the ambassador of Citroën.

While presenting the icon on stage, it was stated that since both Amr Diab and the brand share a huge history of achievements and a one-of-a-kind success story, there was no other than Diab to be the ambassador for the brand.


One Of A Kind Launch Ceremony

Launching a new car requires a unique launch ceremony.

The event witnessed a number of 800 attendees including important guests and key celebrities like Ahmed Abu Hashima, Naglaa Badr, Ahmed Daoud, and Ola Roushdy.

During the big event, many important speakers like Hesham Hosny, CEO of Stellantis Egypt, Ihab Elfeky, Managing Director of Citroen Egypt, Ahmed El-Wakil, A Car Blogger, and Yara Shalaby, A Rally Racer have made an important speech about the car and its new features and how the brand has been making huge achievements and progress in such a brief time and has been writing its own success story.

It is also worth mentioning that C3 was recently launched.


Citroën Major Achievements In The Egyptian Market

In a short time, Citroën was able to write its success story and made huge progress.

Citroen has been partnering with Kasrawy group as it is the sole agent for the brand in Egypt. This partnership has resulted in Kasrawy Group winning Citroen’s best global importer award.


C4 stands for ‘Comfort’

C4’s features lie in its design, technology, and how comfortable it is. The car has a newly renovated design and it sets itself apart with the elegance, fluidity, and dynamism of a compact vehicle.

The car has advanced comfort seats, which offer a raised position along with progressive hydraulic cushions, which is the brand’s innovation for perfect comfort. As for the rear seats, the car has a light and generous interior space that allows three passengers to sit comfortably; it also has spacious legroom, which makes it suitable for all families.

C4 has a 10 HD touchscreen that supports Apple Car-play and Android Auto and Citroën smart pad support. The new car offers a new automatic gearbox that takes the pleasure of driving to new heights; it is easily used and provides E-toggle and control.

The car also has a driving assistance system that provides a head-up display, blind-spot detection, tire pressure monitoring system, parking assist, electric parking brake, and connected-CAM.


Overall, the campaign and the event were a huge success and we can say that choosing a megastar like Amr Diab to be the ambassador is such a smart move from the brand.

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