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CIB: Smart Brands Think of Outbound Tourism and Economy Improvement

With Easter, Eid and Summer vacation around the corner, flights are being booked and plans are being settled.

While most brands think about tourists coming into the country, there is a considerable number of Egyptian travelers, from families to many female solo adventurers, that are planning their holiday trips abroad.

Many brands are overlooking the opportunities to tap into this outbound tourism, especially when it helps the local community in the long-run. So how and why should brands be focused on outbound tourism?

Helping Local Tourists on their way

Brands such as the Commercial International Bank (CIB) have been paving the way for non-tourism brands to help local travelers.

For a few years now, the bank has collaborated with local airline EgyptAir to help encourage travel to locals using their CIB-EgyptAir Miles Everywhere credit cards. The cards give multiple benefits including exclusive lounge access at the Cairo Airport, priority check in, and free additional luggage.

However, this focused more on those with the ability to travel often. CIB has noticed this and this year is aiming towards travelers who are forgoing travel due to financial constraints with new offers.

This year, CIB is upping the ante by introducing new benefits to encourage travel.

Aside from Travel Tips, the bank and EgyptAir have joined up to provide a 12-month installment plan for EgyptAir tickets with ZERO interest.  The “Fly Now, Pay Later” offer is already active and is set to help many travelers in the coming months.

But, why should brands be as focused on outbound tourism as CIB is?


The Advantages of Outbound Tourism

There are several reasons why outbound tourism should be something that brands and the government think about.

Outbound tourism provides a chance for locals to improve their cultural awareness, making them more open to not only new cultures, but to new experiences and products. Being more comfortable and accepting of other cultures provides a better foundation for improving our nation branding through locals’ WoM and actions which in turn improves inbound tourism to the country.

On the economic side, when locals travel more often, they are likely to return with new vigor and possible business ideas. These help in encouraging entrepreneurship, creativity and growth for the country and multiple markets.


CIB’s Newest Travel Offers

For the next few weeks, the bank will also be providing a special Easter offer. Easter Vacationers will be able to take advantage of CIB’s collaboration with travel agency Triptanza, which provides a loan from 5000 EGP to 350,000 EGP so that travel this year can be as imaginative as possible.

CIB is an example of a brand that isn’t simply targeting one group of travelers through only one marketing activity. The two main offers are targeting two separate segments, allowing the bank to receive higher reach and more relevancy to specific target users.

It is also an example of a brand that is focused on improving the rates of outbound travel, which in turn increases the country’s value over time through the advantages of outbound travel.

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