Chevrolet X Ahmed El-Sakka: Promoting “Dababba” In The Most Accurate Way

Good adverts deserve recognition.

We always try our best not to miss a creative advert and when we spot one we have to give it the attention it deserves. There is so much more than just the idea of the advert to be recognized and this is what makes the brand stand out and impress the viewers.

A few days ago, the international famous car brand Chevrolet released a funny and creative advert and we have to admit that we love the idea and the concept behind it.

Here’s why this advert is one of the best newly released these days.


Become “Dababba” Star Driver

On the 3rd of this month, Chevrolet released a new advert to promote its truck “Dababba”.

The brand collaborated with the icon Ahmed Al-Sakka and we have to say that his presence added a new flavor to the advert; in fact, it wouldn’t be that cool and special without him.

The new campaign is promoting the new truck that its name is “Dababba” or “Tank”. The advert’s script is narrated by Ahmed Al-Sakka and it tells how the driver feels once he starts driving the truck. Throughout the advert, we see each one of the drivers turns into Al-Sakka once he starts talking about how he feels when he drives it.

We have to say that the idea of the advert and the collaboration with Al-Sakka is really creative and smart.


Why Choosing Ahmed Al-Sakka

In the advert, the truck’s drivers transform into Ahmed Al-Sakka, and we think it’s a smart idea.

The concept of the idea is once you ride the truck you will feel invisible, in control, and brave, which are the characteristics of every character Ahmed Al-Sakka represented in his movies and shows.

So, if you think about it, there’s no one better than Al-Sakka to represent this car as he is famous for these characteristics and is known for being someone everyone can count on, just like the truck; a driver can count on it in his business.


Knowing How To Reach The Target Audience

The advert will attract the viewers with its idea but it will attract the target audience more.

The main audience of the advert is truck drivers and those who own businesses that always need goods transportation. The characters represented in the drivers and Ahmed El-Sakka are the best description to the target audience and the features of the truck will attract whoever counts on trucks in their business.

So, it is expected that the brand will attract many customers who are interested in buying trucks. In fact, many people have commented on the advert on Chevrolet’s official Facebook page asking about the price and the installment.


Views and Reactions

So far, the advert has gained positive feedback.

On YouTube, it has over 500K views and on Facebook, over 400 comments were left on the advert along with more than 4K reactions, and 500 shares.


Have you seen the advert? Tell us what you think.

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