Check out this new dramatic iPhone 7 advert

Apple today published a new iPhone 7 TV advert to its YouTube channel just two days before the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus’ official September 16 launch. Featuring the new iPhone 7 camera, stereo speakers, and water resistance in a black and white montage of dramatic metaphors and visual set pieces.

The 30-second spot is shot almost entirely in black-and-white, the result is a stark, high-contrast motif that fits in with Apple’s latest sleeker-is-better design thrust (the company introduced two new black color options for 2016, one called Jet Black).

Opening with a nighttime shot of a forest and a close-up of an owl’s pupils dilating in the darkness at the sight of a deer, the ad continues in a similar edgy vein, with a series of slick mirrored cut scenes representing the iPhone 7’s doubled-up technological capabilities.

Enjoy the video and if you have pre-ordered any of the new iPhones, we wish you a speedy delivery!

Apple has taken an interesting approach with the teaser for its new iPhone 7 and instead of words, Apple new iPhone 7 advert speaks in insinuation for the iPhone’s improved camera capabilities, the advantages of the dual lens camera in the iPhone 7 Plus are suggested in a series of paired low-light images, just as the benefits of stereo separation are alluded to in a volley of explosive sounds and rapid channel transitions.

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