CEO of Abu Dhabi Financial Group: “The best time to invest in Egypt is today”

Jassim Al Seddiqi has served as CEO of Abu Dhabi Financial Group (ADFG) since it was established in 2011. Al Seddiqi ensured the deep trust of Abu Dhabi Financial Group in the Egyptian economy potential during signing a number of memorandum of understanding between The leading real estate developer Capital Group Properties and major local and international organizations in various sectors as part of its first project in the Egyptian market, “AlBurouj”. The MoUs were signed with:

• Smart Village.
• SABIS organization& Africa Crest Education.
• El Sawy Culture Wheel.
• BustanAquaponics.
• Medical Park Redcon.

Capital Group Properties board member Jassim Al Seddiqi emphasized that the Egyptian government is keen on alleviating any challenges which might hinder the company hence enabling us to strengthen our presence in Egypt.

“The best time to invest in Egypt is today”  Jassim Al Seddiqi added. He affirmed that CGP aims at providing an unprecedented integrated residential project and outstanding services. It also seeks achieving further successes in Egypt among many other achievements in the company’s portfolio worldwide.

This took place during a mega press conference held today in the presence of Eng. Walid El Hindi, CEO of CGP&CGP Board of Directors, Jassim Al Seddiqi and Mohamed Zaki in addition to Amit Wanchoo, CEO of Abu Dhabi Capital Group, and in the presence of Youssef Al Far, Vice Chairman Smart Villages Egypt, Carl Bistany, president of SABIS organization, Mohamed Abdel Moneim El Sawy, former Minister of culture and founder of El Sawy culture Wheel, Faris Farag, owner and President of Bustan Aquaponics and Eng. Tarek ElGamal, Redcon Group chairman.

Think Marketing Article-CEO of Abu Dhabi Financial Group The best time to invest in Egypt is today

Walid El Hindi, CEO of CGP emphasized that “AlBurouj is more than just a compound; it represents a new concept for residential communities. It is an integrated community that provides all means of comfortable amenities to our clients, through enabling all services, entertainment and cultural facilities. CGP is keen on making all the above come true.”

“AlBurouj will feature a school under the name of “Cadmus”which is affiliated to SABIS organization, the operator of the International Schools of Choueifat & Africa Crest Education a Dubai-based investment company, a medical complex, in addition to a cultural center and an organic farm.” he explained.

El Hindi highlighted that “the company allocated 70 acres specifically for health, education and cultural services in addition to green areas to grow organic products. Regarding education, a school and a sports club will be established and coordination will take place among them to provide both academic and training programs. The project also includes a cultural center for the youth.”

Former Minister of Culture and founder of El Sawy Culture Wheel, Mohamed Abdel Moneim El Sawy has expressed his deep respect for the partnership emphasizing that “it is working on establishing the importance of culture and its influential role across society.”

“AlBurouj” is considered an integrated real estate development sprawling over 1212 acres and 30 thousand modern housing units with competitive prices. It is located in the area between Suez and Ismailia Desert Road.

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