World Cup 2018

Celebrate Egypt’s return to the WC with gold and silver! Brand leads way to new level of souvenirs

Egypt’s return to the international stage is only a few days away, and brands are hyped! Throughout the holy month, brands have been creating many World Cup campaigns to capitalize on the national team’s triumphant return after 28 years on the sidelines.

While most WC campaigns have focused their energies on either how much our voices are needed or flying enthusiasts to Russia, there is one brand that is aiming to commemorate the momentous event with a tangible idea.

Gifts have always been an important part of commemorating or honoring an important event. From weddings, birthdays, work anniversaries (if you work in a kind environment), and life milestones, gifts have become a tangible celebration.

Bullion Trading Center (BTC) is providing a new level of gifting and celebrating important events, such as the World Cup.

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Posted by BTC on Friday, June 8, 2018


BTC’s World Cup campaign centers around celebrating our return to the WC with special gold and silver collectibles. You can now buy or gift a unique customized gold or silver stamped coin or bar to memorialize this big event.

The WC collectibles are available for purchase, but those looking for more intimate gifts can also customize their gifts.

Companies can also customize these low cost yet statement gifts with their branding for special occasions or giveaways.


What makes it really a timeless gift, and why should I get one?

Gold, along with growing in popularity silver, is one of the most highly-valued investments in the world and continues to be an often-advised investment.

Precious metals, such as gold and silver, provide a heightened level of gift-giving opportunity.

It not only leaves a big impression but is an investment for the future, and can become a family heirloom passed down through generations. It’s a strong statement of how important a person or event is.

Collectibles, as BTC’s limited edition WC coins and bars, become more valuable over time, and have the added value of being made of precious metal.

Gold and silver continues to be one of the safest methods of keeping wealth as it is great insurance for various situations. Silver also has the added value of being a metal that is used in many industries, meaning it can be traded in B2B situations as well.

It also allows you to keep emergency capital with you in case of emergencies. As precious metals, it is recognized all over the world and can be easily traded.

Precious metals are considered timeless, especially gold and silver, as they continue to always have value no matter the economy.

BTC’s collectibles and customizable gifts are statements of investment and could be pushing a new level or wave of gift-giving and celebrating for the future.

Would you buy one? Let us know in the comments if you feel like investing in gifts are worth it.

You can buy the World Cup collectibles on BTC’s new website here.

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