Cash or Meeza? Ahmed Mekky reflects the right brand ambassador choice

Great and successful campaigns are the ones that get stuck in people’s minds. Meeza has been promoting itself in a great way since they collaborated with Ahmed Mekky and ever since they started their campaign and released three adverts, they have been grabbing people’s attention and getting their admiration.

Collaborating with Ahmed Mekky was an A+ to the brand. Since Mekky had disappeared for while, his audience wanted him back in the industry again, whether in music or film industry! So, it was a smart move from Meeza to bring him back; that guaranteed a virality because they already gained his fan-base.


November 2019 Marks The Campaign Launch Date

Meeza is an online service that allows you to purchase through a card or electronic wallets. The service was created by the Egyptian Central Bank and its aim is to make the purchase process easier. Instead of using cash to buy your purchases, you can get a card from Meeza and start paying everything using the card as payment solution for cashless society long-term objective.

Ahmed Mekky, Meeza card outdoor campaign | Via insiteooh

Since Meeza is a new service, it needed a huge push to promote itself. A great idea and Mekki worked for the best to serve the brand’s promotional campaign.

The long-term campaign started in November 2019 and created a social media buzz. They released an advert explaining the service through a rap song. Not only they had Mekki in their advert but they also used how Rapping is getting more popular and created a one complete advert; and since Mekki is known for his rapping skills, it was a nice comeback!


Meeza Card, Reveal Personalized and Culture-Centric Waves

But This Advert wasn’t all! They released new wave on the second of February 2020 to promote Meeza’s services and show case how helpful it is when comes to paying for urgent deposits.


Meeza latest Ad hit hard on the very first day of this month as they released the third ad wave and it is even more insightful and illustrative for the card benefits than their first one.

Meeza has obviously been keeping up the trends that people use a lot on social media and they creatively used them.

They used the most trending topics on social media which one of them is how people from Al-Sharqeya governorate accent talk which is one of the most trendy topics on social media that just doesn’t disappear as everyone creates a meme using it every now and then.


The advert is extremely hilarious and coming from Mekki made it even funnier as everyone missed his sense of humor and his acting skills. We are sure that memes will be made out of this piece.

We can’t wait for another advert to see what Meeza and Mekki have in their pockets for us. We are pretty sure it will be awesome! With their creativity and Mekki’s talent, we know the next one will be remarkable.

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