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Multi-Axis Digital Marketing Strategy by WE – Telecom Egypt for Ramadan 2020 [Case Study]

The spread of the Coronavirus has affected every aspect of our business life, especially the marketing aspect. We have been watching closely the brand’s behavior towards this worldwide crisis and how they are preparing their marketing strategy. A lot of challenges have been facing the brands especially when it was time for the holy month of Ramadan since it is known to be the perfect season for adverts and launching new campaigns.

Ramadan 2020: COVID-19 Challenge Facing Every Brand

Ever since people started quarantining to avoid any possible infection, they have been complaining of being bored all the time and this led to huge consumption of the internet data, so, we were keeping an eye on the network operator companies as they are facing a challenge of how to utilize their services to benefit the customers and to create a marketing strategy to fit the current situation and to exploit Ramadan to launch different campaigns.

Since everything is done virtually, every brand should know how to take advantage of digital communication.

We have noticed that one certain network operator company has a perfect marketing strategy that covers every possible aspect of the digital usage these days; this company is We Telecom. The company has launched several campaigns this Ramadan and we can consider it the best one to use digital communication.


More Gigabytes For The Internet Consumers

Since internet users are consuming more gigabytes these days due to being in quarantine, the first campaign We launched is under the name of وي_لسة_اكتر# to promote internet promotion “We Space”.

The campaign promoted their new offer, which is doubling the “We Space” quota, instead of getting 100 Gigabytes, you get 200 GB, which is a smart move to attract people since everyone is using the internet 24/7.

  • The advert featured the actor Mostafa Khater singing a jingle and the advert’s idea relied on how people are spending their quarantine time by using TikTok, cooking, or online business meetings.
  • The advert has 28,249,572 views and YouTube, 27K likes, and 1,728 comments.
  • On Facebook, it reached 47.1 million views, 497K likes, 78K comments, and 14K shares.

WE Pay: Controlling Your Financial Transaction

In another campaign, We promoted its new application “We Pay”. Through this application, people can transfer money, deposit and withdraw money from any We store or from ATM machines that belong to their bank partners.

We users can also pay their utility bills and We services’ bills. The campaign was also promoted through an advert that collaborated once again with the actor Mostafa Khater.


CSR: WE Supporting The Community

The telecom company launched a CSR campaign under the name of مجتمعنا_مسئوليتنا# or “Our Society Is Our Responsibility” in collaboration with the icon Tamer Hosny to support the Egyptian community during this difficult time.

  • The advert is a 2-minute song called “El Asl Masry” by Tamer Hosny praising the Egyptians.
  • We has supported many initiatives including the daily labor initiative, sending medical supplies to the hospitals, and supporting the White Army initiative.
  • The video reached 27,063,106 views on YouTube, 58K likes, and 5,572 comments.
  • On Facebook, it reached 43.2 million views, 906K likes, 68K comments, and 81K shares.


WE and WATCH iT App

Since people prefer watching Ramadan series online instead of TV, We collaborated with Watch It application and offered We users a 50% discount when they subscribe to Watch It.


Entertaining You at Home: Quaranteam webisodes for Quarantine time

The telecom company released two online shows that consist of a series of online episodes to entertain people at home.

The first one is called “كوارنتيم” or “Quaranteam”, it is for football lovers and it’s presented by Youssef Osman and every episode he interviews famous football players like Saad Samir, Barakat, and Abdallah Al-Saeed asking them questions and playing games together but it’s all done virtually.

The second one is called “العب يا نجم من البيت” or “Playing with the stars from home”, the show is presented by Ramez Youssef and every episode he interviews a celebrity like Eslam Ibrahim, Injy Al-Mokkadem, and Ahmed Magdy to play games with but online.

Entertainment Digital Stage: WE Online Music Festival

We launched an online music festival where it hosts 15 concerts that will be live online until the 3rd of July.

The music festival includes may artists and bands, it started on Sunday, the 3rd of May with Wust Al-Balad Band, and later followed by Egyptian Project band, Dina Al-Wadeedy, HOH band, and there are many more to come like Disco Masr, Wegz, Massar Egabri, Al-Moraba’, Jadal, and Akher Zafeer.

Also, for gamers, We launched an online gaming platform called “Safe Mode” where gamers join and challenge each other.


We nailed its digital marketing strategy and almost covered every aspect from entertainment to paying bills to try to keep people at home to follow the precautionary measures.

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