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Careem: Jealous Over Uber’s Viral Social Media Stories?

While Digital PR is usually a web-based method that includes but not limited to Blog posts, eBooks, Infographics, Free Case Studies and other online-content that are considered forms of pull marketing that live on the web that aims to drive customers attention to your brand without customers even noticing it.

Some brand have been using Digital PR tactics to make it look like a user generated content or, shared brand experience. Digital PR campaigns are developed to ensure we get the right people talking about your brand and spreading the messages that you want to convey.

Push Marketing Vs. Pull Marketing

Push Marketing brings content to the user. Also known as “traditional marketing or, outbound marketing” push is the grandmother of modern marketing. While pull marketing is the opposite of push marketing. This type of marketing “pulls” a consumer into the business. Meaning: the customer seeks out your company. Today’s consumer is an avid researcher. He or she reads reviews, conducts keyword searches and asks Facebook friends for suggestions.

Pull Marketing: This is also known as inbound marketing. The term “inbound” means that your marketing efforts generate a response: interest, inquiries, transactions, etc. That is, customers come to you for answers. Pull marketing gives you an opportunity to attract the customers who want answers you already provide. When you see a social media offer for a product you love, this is pull marketing at work.

Push marketing and pull marketing differ in concept and application. Let’s explore the five main differences between push and pull.

Which model works? Successful marketing campaigns adopt both techniques. You need push marketing to reach out to those who might not have heard about your brand. Also you need pull marketing to attract those customers in the relevant online researches to be qualified for next customer acquisition.

Celebrity Endorsement on Social Media

Brands see social media as the most effective way to engage with people, since it is the channel by which people tend to interact with each other and with brands, friends, family, news, brands, celebrities.

Social media provides us some insights into the lives of celebrities to make these endorsements seem all the more believable – or not, depending on the brand and celebrity. Now you recall Kim Kardashian?

Don’t let social media fool you. As most of your feed is most likely full of opinions and rumors, not facts. Search for solid evidence behind any source you are getting information from. Some times its a gap between what was shared vs. what really happened. Overall celebrity endorsements on Social Media are built on trust, and businesses research possible celebrities as much as possible before making it official.

This is one example how Uber uses Celebrity Endorsement on Social Media:

Shared Experiences on Social Media

Mobile application is evolving the way the world moves to make people lives more easier. Uber and Careem developed to connect riders to drivers through mobile apps.

UBER: Since founding in 2009 the application expands to cover hundreds of cities today, Uber’s rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring people and their cities closer. Egypt seems to be a very interetsing market for Uber as they announced Cairo is UBER’s fastest growing city across EMEA region.

CAREEM: Since its establishment in Dubai in 2012, Careem has seen its business grow at a rather rapid pace- it today has a presence in more than 20 cities spread across the Middle East, and now, Africa and Asia as well.

UBER already got the viral buzz by Egyptian Social Media users and it become normal to see a frequent posts by customers sharing the experience with UBER that reflects non-stop development and the efforts of both marketing and customer service team..

Uber keeps inspiring 🙂

Posted by Ahmed Emad on Wednesday, December 2, 2015


In an Uber taxi on way to a meeting. Uber driver sooo sweet! Look, He had 2 bottles of water and Kleenex tissues ready…

Posted by Rula Zaki on Sunday, January 17, 2016

Did CAREEM get Jealous?

Because UBER comes first on people’d mind when you note a driver story on your newsfeed, This might be the trigger why CAREEM decided to fight back searching for a room on Social Media buzz. By using paid media coverage as a direct marketing promotion for CAREEM via #CaptainsOfCareem hashtag.

#CaptainsOfCareem: Captain of the Household

This female Careem driver is breaking boundaries one kilometer at a time.

Watch Zainab’s empowering story and be sure to share your experiences with Careem captains using the hashtag #CaptainsOfCareem for a chance to win 500 EGP credit!

Full story here:

Posted by Scoop Empire on Thursday, January 14, 2016


Both Uber and Crareem offers great service. Our humble advise is: Do not copy your competitors because imitation is not a solution!

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