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Cannes Lions Egypt’s Academy Launches Courses In Gouna

In its first major activation, Cannes Lions’ local representatives, The Worx, are bringing an important element from the major international creative festival, education, through its launch of the Cannes Lions Academy in Gouna.

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The Cannes Lions Academy is a staple of the festival, providing courses and trainings for both young and more experienced visitors.

Cannes Lions Egypt has launched its first courses of the year, leading with creatives heads Weera Saad, Ahmed Hafez Younis of Facebook Creative Shop and long time Cannes Lions Speaker Sam Saunders.

Weera and Fizo – CLEA

Join the masterminds from Facebook & Instagram Weera Saad and Ahmed Hafez Younis AKA Fizo and enroll in one of the following two workshops:1- Mastering communication on social media2- Create for GrowthDate: 28 – 29 January 2020.Location: Gspace, GounaBook your seat bySending an e-mail to: canneslions@theworx-emc.comSubject: CLEA – Jan SemesterFor more inquiries: 01220100222Find more details about the courses and workshops on: #CannesLionsEgypt #CannesLionsAcademy #Advertising #Marketing #creativity #academy #CannesLions #Legends #TheWorx

Posted by Cannes Lions Egypt on Sunday, December 29, 2019


Communicate, Content, Create

The courses will be focused mainly on how to build strategies for storytelling, shareable content, communicating through social media and understanding new age business models on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Saunders, who has spoken at Cannes Lions steadily through 2015-2018 and entrepreneur, told us “I’m planning to teach the stuff people expect you to know but no one in any creative or ad school actually teaches. Going through case studies is great, but unless they’ve been dissected into their parts, you’ll never be able to create work as good, or better, yourself”.

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His 2 courses called “Storytelling” – why you’re all doing it wrong and how to fix it” and “The Holy Grail of Shareable Content” will start on the 26th to 27th and 30th to 31st of January respectively.

He describes his sharable content courses with “It’s the dreaded brief: make me something that goes viral… We are going to get our feet wet here: A real brief is coming your way and we will concept, evaluate, and execute in real time to see what team goes the most buzz and find out why”.

Ahmed Hafez Younis has been making the rounds at various events in 2019, you may have seen him at Dubai Lynx and/or Creative Industry 2019. If you’ve attended any of his previous sessions, you’ll know what you’re in for.

Weera Saad’s course “Create for Growth” states that “participants will learn how to best leverage their strategic thinking and creative skills in wielding the power of AI in targeting” with a statement that you will “get a topline unique view on conversational commerce and its impact on the future of ecommerce”.


Registration and Key Dates

Registration has already started for the first set of courses and will end on the 20th of January. Classes will start on the 26th and end on the 31st, located at Gspace in Gouna.

Saunders asked “Why shouldn’t Egypt be a creative powerhouse?” and our answer is why not? Let’s make 2020 the year we push creativity once more.

You can register through with the course you are interested in joining to book a spot.

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