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Can you show off your quality selfie? This hashtag wonders!

Selfies. A self-portrait where someone does crazy things to get that one awesome photo that everyone will like. It is when your friend asks you to climb table so you could get his/her best angle, when you turn around in a circle to get the best light on your face, or even ask someone to use their phone’s flash as a light.

Mobile phone manufacturers have been trying for years to produce the best mobile camera for selfies, with most companies having introduced a front camera to all or most of their Smart phones. With over 1 million selfies being taken every day, it is no wonder that manufacturers are in a “Selfie” race.

After Samsung’s stunt at the Academy awards, which had Ellen DeGeneres taking a selfie with some of Hollywood’s elite movie stars, production of the perfect camera phone made for selfies has skyrocketed. The tweet, which became Twitter’s most retweeted tweet of all time, raised expectations of what a great or quality selfie could be.

The need for phones to have higher resolution front cameras with added front flashes and built-in beauty filters have caused an increase in the appearance of selfie focused phones and advertising, increasing the popularity of selfies even more.

The internet asks “Can you make a quality selfie?”

Based on a survey of 1,000 young adults in 2015, people take an average of 7 minutes to take a selfie, not to mention the time it takes to edit the photos and think of a caption. With an ever-growing population of selfie takers and the need for better camera phones, manufacturers have been racing to meet with demand.

But is that it? Could selfies ever actually be a quality photo, not just something pretty? Could they ever have meaning or substance behind them? Will I ever find the best phone for selfies? (Let us know if you have!)

The hashtag #QualitySelfie has been circulating around social media, with some popular users or influencers announcing “wait for my quality selfie.”  Apparently there is a secret challenge hidden behind the scenes, a challenge to create the ultimate selfie/selfie videos.

Behind the slowly growing challenge is TECNO mobile, who is preparing to launch their newest phone in their C9 series called TECNO Camon CX. Their aim? To introduce a new world of Selfie taking.

The new Camon CX seems to be the best up and coming camera phone for selfie lovers. The phone will come with double front flash so you’ll never have to ask your friend to use their phone to light up your photo again, a 16MP front camera to ensure a high quality photo to make you look your best, and contains ready to use photo filters like Instagram and other selfie apps. Could this be the camera phone people are looking for?

Manchester City Footballers join in on the Quality Selfie Scene, along with other influencers.

What does a Quality Selfie mean? A quality selfie is a photo that tells a story, as well as being beautiful and high resolution. The challenge is to see how many people can actually create a quality selfie or selfie video, and still be entertaining; to create something amazing and entertaining with a simple selfie or selfie video, and it’s a great way to show off your jokes or even cool skills.

Following the Ice Bucket challenge rules, each person who has made a quality selfie must challenge 3 other people to show off their skills.

With influencers such as Allaa Ashmawi, popular scenes and companies like Skateimpact and even Football players such as from Manchester City preparing for the challenge, we are excited to see where this hashtag could lead.

The question is, will more Egyptians join in the challenge or will it just be another everyday selfie today?

What do you think is the best selfie mobile phone, or camera phone for your selfies? Keep a look out for popular users on social media and the Hashtag #QualitySelfie and let us know if you plan to joining in on the challenge.

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