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Can Disrupting Industries Improve a Country?

Disruption has become a mainstay buzzword in today’s business climate. Whether you’re looking to disrupt or you’re in fear of disruptors, many industries are ripe for change and there is no question about it.

So, how do you know when an industry needs disrupting? Consumers using outdated technologies, business practices that don’t change even in the face of negative sentiment/feedback, and businesses using outdated or minimal technology are some of the prime reasons and points to look for.

And when you step back, you will notice that these can all be applied to countries as well, but can disrupting industries or even a country make it better for its people?

CCPlus, the people behind the Narrative Summit believe so, and they’re making a whole new event to look at how disrupting industries will help improve our nation branding and the country as a whole.

The Narrative Disruptors 2019

As part of their 2018 recommendations on how to improve nation branding, the Narrative Summit is following through with its first ever Narrative Disruptors. The new event is part of 3 key forums that the summit is planning to implement to increase positive impressions for the country through international-level events.

In an opinion piece for Think Marketing, CCPlus founder Lamia Kamel wrote

“This year, we will be working to bring some of those recommendations into effect by arranging the first summit on digital economy, financial inclusion and technological development – with topics up for discussion from internet all the way to virtual reality and artificial intelligence that has greatly enhanced productivity and innovation around the world in recent years.

The information revolution is an enormously powerful element in building nation brands, specifically in this digital era we live in where social media platforms have become increasingly influential in shaping public opinion. Likewise, the communications technology industry has a significant impact on the development of nations, as author David Holmes explains in his book “Virtual Politics”: it strengthens individuals’ sense of national belonging to a modern and developed society, a society that is capable of providing individual needs and making life easier.”

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The Narrative Disruptors’ event agenda looks like it will have a strong focus on digital transformation, digital and financial inclusion and a lot of spotlight on the Grand Egyptian Museum.

International and local speakers will take the stage alongside Ministers. Topics such as how to become unicorns, disruptive business models, scalability, digitizing history, and artificial intelligence are all on the menu for the inaugural event.

Speakers such as Dr.Amr Taalat Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Wassem El Tanahi founder and CEO of Media Republic, Hany Mahmoud Former Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Blerta Aiko the Country Representative of Egypt for UN Women, Mai Salama from The Worx and Creative Industry Summit, and actor Asser Yassin will take the stage next Sunday.

Interested in going? There might be some seats left, click here to see.

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