Cairokee knows what they’re not, do you? Vodafone IN’s newest campaign

Vodafone’s IN has been known to definitely be the telecommunications giant’s most youthful side. Which makes sense since that is who they are aiming for. The network, launched in 2015, focuses on youth keeping in touch.

Apparently they don’t just mean keeping in touch with friends, but with who you are.


Finding their place

Vodafone IN’s newest campaign focuses on finding out who you are. Working towards this goal are Vodafone IN’s favorite ambassadors, and one of Egypt’s favorite bands, Cairokee.

Just a few months ago, Cairokee teamed up with Vodafone IN to surprise Victoria Collage Students with a concert, after a small challenge.

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Here, Cairokee goes on a journey to strengthen their resolve, to find out who they are and their music. The band plays one of their most famous songs across three videos, exchanging their well-known music style for something a little different.

First, they tried to go classical at a wedding.


Then they went for a more color, lights and some straight beats.


Lastly, they tried a little synchronized dancing, following in the steps of the Backstreet Boys and Justin Timberlake.


In the end, they know who they are and what their music represents, themselves. Vodafone IN aims this campaign at youth to remember who they are, and that their mobile plan represents them.

Finding the perfect band and influencer

Vodafone IN shows us a great example of a well synergized collaboration, where a brand has found a great influencer for its audience.

Cairokee is known for being goofy and fun, as well being loved by the younger generation. This made them perfect for Vodafone’s newest network, which also aimed at being youthful, fun and slightly quirky. The two have maintained a good relationship since Vodafone IN’s launch; their campaign launching music video included  Cairokee members, as well as other Egyptian artists.

When looking for the right influencer for your brand, it is important to note their audience, reach, relevance, and core message. Ensuring that all these align with your brand, as well as their personality and ability to work together, are how brands can ensure a great collaboration.

A great collaboration can lead to both parties enjoying the benefits of a great friendship, increased awareness and consumer engagement.

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