Cairo Media Summit driving us into a fully connected new world

Cairo Media Summit is a new brand in the Egypt Photo Week which aims to create an unforgettable experience throughout a week of photography, design, art and media.

With media being one of the core industries in Egypt… The East’s Hollywood is getting harder and harder to get in and to excel at. Egypt Photo Summit’s success made us believe that we can create something strong and decisive for all the prospect media people to meet and make vital connections to enhance or even kickstart their careers!

Media is a booming industry of revenues up to 2.5 billion pounds this year only. Now media has grown beyond a series on TV, beyond the hero of the movie beyond standard news broadcasting, and we believe we can capitalize on this extraordinary industry to feed it and help its exponential growth!

The Cairo Media Summit is an extraordinary gathering of people, communities and companies driving us into a fully connected new world.

The event is a unique mix of high-profile talks, discussion panels and meetings between all parties involved, bringing together leaders from all over the world to share with and educate their peers. We are bridging the gap between established businesses and creatives.

Both the Middle East and Africa are leading the world evolution march into an increasingly connected place.

Both regions evolved into idea rich catalysts of recreating today’s human interaction and connection. People from all over this hot part of the world are pioneering Mobile, TV, film, VR, content creation, VFX and more.

Powered by Egypt Photo Week, the Cairo Media Summit brings together leaders and innovators in media, technology, and creative content to communicate the expectations, opportunities and challenges involved in investing in new media in Africa and The Middle East. In the race to an all-digital future, Media will be in the forefront of our new world.

Cairo Media Summit will be held on the 13th of November, and it will be a 10 hour marathon of talk, discussion panels, online and offline seminars, from the brightest and best of the industry, people who made some of the best films, ads, and media production in the past 10 years, not just in Egypt, but the whole of MENA and Africa.

For more info please visit Cairo Media Summit website

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