Burned Out Vs Losing Passion: Which One Are You Struggling With?

Have you ever felt that you can’t work anymore? Like your mind can’t process any task and can’t even think of any creative ideas. Your answer will probably be yes. We all go through this phase of feeling completely demotivated and not being able to work; sometimes it lasts for a long time and sometimes it only takes a couple of weeks and then you’re motivated again.

There are many reasons that could drive a person to go through this phase; it can be because they lost their passion for this career path or they are simply burned out.

The problem here is that some employees don’t know how to tell the difference and which reason is driving them to feel demotivated.

Some can be just burned out but they think they lost passion. So, here’s how to know if you lost passion and need a different career or you just need a break.



How To Tell The Difference?

Losing passion and being burned out have different signs; you have to observe them carefully.

When you lose passion, you will feel demotivated to do any task and you will feel that you’re in a constant mind block; you have energy but you simply can’t work.

Some employees also tend to act carelessly when they lose their passion; they don’t even care if they got fired.

Being burned out is different; you love your job and you know that this is what you want to do but you feel exhausted all the time. You will also feel dissatisfied with your performance yet you can’t do better.



Is It Your Career or Your Daily Stress?

You have to know that there’s a difference between being stressed and drained and feeling that your job has become a routine.

Ask yourself this question, are you stressed or you don’t like what you’re doing anymore?

Answering this question will give you a clue on whether you lost your passion or not. If you felt like your job has become a daily routine where you just go and do your tasks and get back home, then you might have lost your passion.

But if you have been under stress for a while, then your energy is probably about to be fully consumed and you just need to recharge.



How To Know Your Still Passionate About Your Job

Loving your job or what you do in general despite the place and always wanting to improve mean you still have passion for this career.

We all go through these situations of doubting our career when we’re stressed; having a job and following a certain career path is not easy and full of struggles but doubting ends when you take every chance to improve.

Wanting to enhance your performance and proving how good you are to be promoted is a strong proof that you’re passionate about your job and career in general.

So, don’t let being burned out makes you feel that you lost your passion.



Take A Deep Breath And Think Of A Solution

Before making any impulsive decision you might regret, take some time to think carefully.

Think of what you currently need; sometimes having a break can help you figure out what is wrong, so you can ask for a couple of days off. Also, some people might seek advice from other colleagues or even managers.

This can put you on the right track and open your mind to new things you didn’t notice.



You have to be able to differentiate between both phases to avoid making wrong decisions.

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