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Bring out the Gunner in you! Chant and watch Arsenal play with Hyde Park Developments

Our love for Football is only matched with our love for our Football teams, which is why Hyde Park Developments has signed a landmark deal with top Premier League Football Club Arsenal. To help promote the partnership, the two brands are coming together to give Egyptian Arsenal fans some great experiences.

All you have to do is chant.

Back in January, one of the country’s top real estate brands, Hyde Park Developments, signed a 3-season deal with Arsenal, becoming their first ever official partner in Egypt. The deal solidifies Arsenal’s presence in Egypt and Africa, where they are already beloved.

“We are pleased to announce this landmark partnership with Hyde Park Developments, our first in Egypt,” said Vinai Venkatesham, Arsenal’s chief commercial officer. “Arsenal have fantastic support in Egypt where we have our second largest Facebook following of more than 2.5 million.”

And to celebrate the partnership, Hyde Park has announced that it’s “Bring Out the Gunner” campaign, which will fly out 60, you heard that right, 60 Arsenal fans to London for 3 nights!

Bring Out the Gunner

The brands will be inviting 60 Arsenal loving fans to London for a 3-night stay, including an Emirates Stadium tour and VIP tickets to watch Arsenal’s closing home match of the season.

Invitees will also be able to meet and greet with some of Arsenal’s most famous legends.

All you have to do is chant your favorite Arsenal chant, by yourself or with friends, or chant your heart out with your own original chant.


All you have to do is chant your favorite Arsenal chant, by yourself or with friends, or chant your heart out with your own original chant.

The two brands are looking for some great chants and engagement from fans, but only those that meet the requirements will be qualified to be picked at random. Fans can easily find the requirements in the video above, and here.

If you are looking for more support for your chant video, you can find other chanting fans on Hyde Park Development’s double-decker buses that will be roaming about Cairo for the next 9 days till 26th of March. Hyde Park was kind enough to provide schedules for Arsenal fans to support one another on their page, and so you can jump in with your chant with ease.

The buses, which were made famous by London as a popular public transport, will be running around Cairo to support Arsenal fans, giving them the encouragement to join in on the celebrations.

Fans are excited and have already started showing their support for the partnership, and winning the chance to see Arsenal with VIP seats. Check out some of these entries, and don’t forget to hashtag #HPDxGunners, #HydeParkDevelopments.


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