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Brands withdraw advertising from Reham Said TV program

Selection of advertising channels is no more a matter of increasing sales, It also reflects the corporate strategic directions and brand positioning for consumers. Marketing departments spend and make adjustments as needed to serve business objectives but brand reputation become a first priority for all communication experts.

Social Media protests wave started a debate in Egypt demanding the stop of Reham’s program in a response to her last episode when she decided to publish a semi-naked pictures for one of her guests previously invited to tell a story about sexual-harassment while shopping in one of Cairo malls.

Some calls went too far to boycott brands which sponsor or spend budget on Reham Said TV program, Not too far! as brands proven a proactive response…

Al Marai Egypt take a positive move

المراعي مصر كخطوة إيجابية وقفت إعلاناتها على برنامج ريهام سعيد و تُعلِن عدم مسؤليتها عن مُحتوى البرنامج

Posted by Almarai Egypt on Thursday, October 29, 2015


Evy Baby Stop Program Sponsorship

يعلن منتج ايفى بيبى انه غير مسؤول عن محتوى البرامج التى يقوم برعايتها
و قد تقرر وقف رعاية ايفى بيبى لبرنامج صبايا الخير.

Posted by Evy Baby on Thursday, October 29, 2015


Aloe Eva Announcement on Facebook

تعلن شركة ألو إيفا عن عدم مسئوليتها عن محتوى أى من البرامج التى تقوم بإذاعة إعلاناتها علي قنواتها، وبشان برنامج صبايا الخير والمثار جدل حوله فقد قامت الشركة بوقف رعايتها للبرنامج.

Posted by Aloe Eva on Thursday, October 29, 2015


Vodafone already do not spend budget on Reham El Said TV program


Additionally, Mondelez Egypt did not publish an official statement that expresses a judgment or opinion and the act but anonymous insider confirmed that Mondelez Egypt decided to stop any advertising for Reham El Said TV program for ethical reasons.

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