BMW Egypt celebrates Halloween with horror movie theme!

Egyptians have been celebrating Halloween in the past few years, and waiting feverishly for it to come like they wait for Eid Adha and Christmas and they are getting even more creative each year.

Halloween offers a unique opportunity for businesses to launch some fun and interesting content marketing campaigns in different formats, streaming video content could be the best choice to customize your marketing message for Halloween.

Halloween themed content can help your business gain exposure on digital media that will develop more interest in your brand and eventually bring new customers to your door.

Let’s explore one of the best Halloween content marketing efforts implemented in the Egyptian market for Halloween 2016 celebrations.

BMW Egypt approach to Halloween’s greeting:

Halloween has become a popular event in the last couple of years in Egypt especially for BMW audience.

BMW Egypt has published a video of the Halloween greeting on 31st of October, 2016. The main hit in the video is that how the brand managed to turn a regular social calendar event into a piece of creative content that attracted hundreds of engagement on its social media platforms organically.

BMW Egypt has focused on the motion video trend, that has been spreading like wildfire. Videos have a higher tendency of going viral, it is the most shareable content nowadays.

So, by creating an authentic branded content for Halloween, and the content to be in video form. That is just a formula for ultimate engagement and success.

BMW Egypt did not only create a genuine content that the fans are compelled to share, it also, capitalized on a present trend which is “Light Out”, the horror movie that was released in Egypt’s theaters on the 24th of August, so by the time of halloween’s greeting was due, BMW Egypt has been caught up with the buzz that has been going on around the new horror movie, from the brand’s community.

BMW Halloween Concept:

Halloween is the time when a lot of people like to get creative by making their own costumes, decorating pumpkins, and even making ghost looking food. Did you think about making ghost looking car?

The creative team worked on the storyboard, which is an envisioned version of what the video sequence will be like, the main foundation of any video.

The attention to details was extraordinary, they used a look-alike light switch and were extra careful of the setting of their scene, where was in a garage as their targeted fans lives in villas with garages, so they made sure that the garage has a golf clubs to suit their lifestyle even more. Choosing the greeting font to match with the movie’s name, to make viewers so much more hooked and enthralled.

The video shooting and editing took 4 days, which shows how much the creative team is dedicated and thriving to produce a high-end quality video for their audience. Which they did perfectly.

Furthermore, what should be given to BMW Egypt’s greeting video is that they did not lose their own trademark “Headlight” shot, and the closure of the video soundtrack was a Signature BMW soundtrack

Visualizing the Concept “Storyboard”:

The storyboard is an essential part of the video production. It’s the plan that is created to later be followed during the shoot. A wise man once said: “Planning the plan is half the fun”. The team decided to give Think Marketing an exclusive look on the storyboard planing before execution.

BMW Egypt Halloween 2016 preparations have started only 4 days before Halloween. The team has managed to find a proper location for the shooting. They built the scene, placed their tools & finalized shooting in two days and the video editing was done in one day.

BMW Egypt’s Halloween video key lessons:

Halloween’s greeting video was an object lesson in how engaging and viral videos should be done;

  • Optimizing your authentic branded content by trendjacking a famous phenomenon that your audience are already engaged with.
  • Maintaining your global brand voice in a local market to perfectly fit your targeted audience.
  • Focusing on a content form that has the capacity of altering the brand’s creativity to a new heights.
  • Changing the norm by going the extra mile for your audience and providing a high-end content.

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