Best friends with thieves? Ahram security’s newest campaign

Home security is no joke, millions of homes are broken into everyday all over the world. Home invasions, or burglary, aren’t just about the items looted, but it can rob the people of their sense of home and security. Many people whose homes have been stolen from become unsure of themselves and whether they will feel safe again.

However, the security business does not need to be serious.

Case in point is local lock manufacturer Ahram Security, whose newest campaign is showing that serious business doesn’t need serious advertising.

كوالين الأهرام – التليفزيون

ما تسامحش في حاجتك و تسبها للحرامي يسرقها زي الأستاذ. غير لكوالين الأهرام و أمن نفسك.#لو_مش_كوالين_الاهرام_يبقى_انت_مسامح_في_حاجتك#كوالين_الأهرام #70_سنة_أمان

Posted by Ahram Security on Sunday, November 25, 2018


To promote their home door locks, the local brand broke out sarcasm to bring awareness to the necessity of home locks and that not installing one is just as bad as inviting thieves to your home.

Under the campaign, “will you hold a grudge?,” the local brand released 2 TV spots representing a common theme/situation. Home owners shopped for their home thieves, asking for their preferences as if buying them gifts, showing they are friendly.

The campaign’s premise is the two’s friendly nature. If you aren’t securing your home, you shouldn’t hold a grudge to someone that takes advantage of your relaxed nature.

Yet again we see the use of sarcastic comedy, and its success rate. Although we see sarcasm used in many industries in the last 2 years, this is the first time we’ve seen it in the home security industry, giving it a fresh new take on an otherwise serious matter.

كوالين الأهرام – محل المجوهرات

خدها قاعدة، لو مش كوالين الأهرام يبقى ماتغلاش على الحرامي. أختاركوالين الأهرام بخبرة 70 سنة و ضمان 5 سنين#لو_مش_كوالين_الاهرام_يبقى_انت_مسامح_في_حاجتك#كوالين_الأهرام #70_سنة_أمان

Posted by Ahram Security on Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Fans are in love with the ad so far, with the two copies having received over 13K reactions and 16.8K+ engagements on Facebook. Social sentiments are highly positive with over 60% of comments in both ads being positive and many praising the ad and their creative team (Circus Cairo).


Heating up the local market

Many brands in Egypt have a significant disadvantage when it comes to competition, many of which are foreign and have larger marketing budgets for bigger campaigns.

According to Ahram Security, they are the only local lock manufacturer in the market today.

Being local does not have to be a disadvantage, just as this ad shows us.

Use your location as an important part of your brand and marketing, it allows brands to be more involved in the day-to-day lives of consumers, making it easier to understand and reach them through targeted marketing efforts that are customized to their sense of humor and sensibilities.

This local brand is showing us that it doesn’t matter if you’re the only local brand in the industry, you can still make an impact and break through the clutter with well executed and designed campaigns.

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