Benefits Of Listening To Music At Work: Playlists Creatives Listen To That Could Motivate You

Music is an essential part of our lives; there isn’t a day or two passing without listening to music or songs whether you’re heading to work or while you’re working. Listening to music while working has many benefits and you have probably noticed how it can affect you while working.

So, today we will tell you the benefits of listening to music while working and since music has such a strong impact on the individual while working, we asked some creatives to share with us the playlists they listen to while working.


It Can Help You Relax

Music can change your mood in a second, especially if you’re playing your favorite song.

Music can be a magical tool in helping you relax and reduce your stress. The first thing music triggers are our emotions; you can put on some relaxing music and enjoy the peace it drives in you and you can play your favorite songs and enjoy the feeling and enjoyment it drives into your heart.

In fact, sometimes you can find yourself listening to music at stressful times because it can soothe your mind and distract it from negative emotions.


Boosts Your Energy

There are certain songs or pieces of music that have the ability to boost your energy.

There are many music genres and each can drive different emotions into you; some music and songs can actually boost your energy and change your mood into a positive one, which can have a positive impact on your productivity.

Once you play your favorite songs, you can find yourself all energetic and start working with passion and you can even notice that you can finish your task in a shorter time than when you’re not listening to anything.

The rush and positive effect of music on your mind and emotions enhance your mood hence increasing your productivity.


Can Boost Your Creativity And Word Bank

If you’re stuck and having a mind block, music can be a solution.

Music/songs are all ideas and it actually urges the brain to think and trigger the imagination, which can be very beneficial in triggering your creative side.

Songs can actually help you with writing as you can be stuck trying to find a proper expression or a word and it suddenly hits you when you listen to a certain song.


It Helps You Avoid Distraction

Listening to music can help you live in your own bubble for enough time to finish a task without being distracted.

One of the things music can help with is blocking out distractions!

Whatever is going on around you at the office from people talking to even you overthinking, music can block that out for you. Music has the ability to help you create your own world for a while until you finish what you’re working on.

In fact, if you’ve noticed, you barely check your phone or social media when you have your headphones on listening to music while working.


Can Help You Stay Focused

As the previous point discussed it can help you avoid distractions, hence it will help you stay focused and direct all your senses directed toward work.

Have you ever noticed that every time you needed to focus on work to be able to finish properly, you put headphones on and play music? Since music can help you avoid distractions, it enables you to focus more on what you’re doing at work.


Here Are Some Playlists That Motivate Others To Work

We asked people who work in the creative field to share the playlists they listen to, to motivate them while working, and we received many.

Ahmed Elashry – Head of Marketing and Founder of Beta3 Copies and Copycast


Nancy Muhammed – Senior Translator



Hoda Fadl – Senior Editor



Mostafa Nasser Daoud – Senior Content Creator – Founder of “What They Don’t Tell You About Marketing” Podcast.



Mostafa Ali – Head of Digital Marketing



Mohammad Ashraf – Content Creator



Kareem Magdy – Senior Graphic Designer



Ahmed Gharib – Senior Content Creator



Mohamed El-Hosseiny – Content Manager



Aya Sinjab – IT and customer delivery manager/art instructor/MBA


Nour Kadry – Community Manager and Social Media Listening Specialist 


Share with us your playlist that motivates you to work and boosts your energy. 

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