Behind the scenes footage from Adidas Chelsea’s kit video #ForeverBlue

Last year, adidas had us all pretending we’re suffering from the worst case of colorblindness (“it’s not white/black, it’s blue”).  Whoever wrote that nonsense has obviously been designated for a different assignment, as this year we get a much more sensible slogan – “Once a Blue, Forever Blue” – and a slightly less messy kit launch video that gets a very Special narrator even.

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Further to last week’s launch of the adidas Chelsea home kit, nicknamed Forever Blue, for the 2014/15 season, a link below provides the behind-the-scenes video showing how the statues, which served to immortalise the player’s favourite moments were made.

The video features a look at the story behind Forever Blue, featuring Gary Cahill, Petr Cech, Fernando Torres, Oscar and Eden Hazard, who explain why they chose those particular moments and speak about the process of being cast for their statues.

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