Based on True Stories: When Someone Knows You Work In Marketing Agency

Working in the advertising, digital marketing or the social media field can put you in some weird situations. People tend to ask you or comment on your work with the weirdest things ever. As a graphic designer or content creator, people have probably requested some weird things from you.

For example, every artist goes through a very common situation, which is whenever someone hears they can paint; they simply ask them “Can you draw me?” Or some people when they hear that a certain person can sing, they immediately ask them if they can sing something right now.

Writers, Graphic Designers, or anyone who’s working in this field get to experience the same situation but with different requests.

We will list some of the things that you probably got tired of hearing!


You Call Yourself a Content Creator?

Some people when they hear that you create content they send you anything and ask you to write a caption, sometimes it’s even a personal photo for Instagram.

Aside from the confusion that hits you in the face because it doesn’t work this way! When you say you can’t think of anything, they immediately comment with “Aren’t you supposed to be a content creator?”

Really, guys?! Is this what I am to you? Someone who can write captions on your personal photos for Facebook or Instagram?


Can You Edit This Photo?

People think that graphic designers are some sort of magicians! They can ask them whatever they want and they expect them to do it.

As a graphic designer, can you remember how many times people asked you to edit photos? And not just a simple edit, but a really weird edit?

For example, I’ve seen once someone posting their personal photo asking people if they can make them smile in it because they weren’t smiling!

Can You Design a Logo?

I guess most of the graphic designers have heard this many times. For some reason, a graphic designer means a logo. There’s no doubt that a graphic designer can design a logo, but not for free. And not every time you see his or her face you ask them for a logo. Just don’t.

This is what has to be said regarding the whole logo things.


So You’re Just Posting Things

Some people underestimate the job of a social media specialist! When a social media specialist starts explaining what they exactly do and how the process works, people always reply with “So, you just post posts on Facebook”

This is one of the things that frustrates any social media specialist because no matter how much they explain, people would still say “So, you’re just posting captions and pictures”


It Took You What? 10 Minutes?

People say that to both graphic designers and content creators. People think that you can turn your creativity on and off whenever you like! So, they expect that your design or content is done in a couple of minutes. They are probably not aware that you can search for ideas for hours!

On the other hand, some people complain that some work actually took 10 minutes. To them, this means that you didn’t do it properly!


No, it means that I have had enough experience to be able to finish this within 10 minutes!


So, You Write Captions

Let’s clear out one thing here, creating a whole monthly calendar for a brand’s social media platform ISN’T writing captions! You have to think about an idea and imagine how it will look. You also have to write something that fits the brand’s tone and you have to follow up with the graphic designer to make sure that your idea is clear.

After explaining all of this, people still tell you “You just write captions”.


Can You Take a Picture?

People always ask photographers to take their photos! If you work in an agency, you probably have taken shots of people there more than the brands’ products. And we can’t forget about your friends and acquaintances who always ask you for a photo session… Also for free!


I guess we can wrap this up and we will give you a space to share with us the things you get tired of hearing when someone knows your job.

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