Barclays Bank 150 Years In EGYPT Celebration

Barclays has a long history of world class financial servicing in Egypt, having been strongly present in the Egyptian market since 1864. As 2014 marks 150 years for Barclays Bank in Egypt, however the truth is that nobody knows this fact, therefore Barclays Bank wants to transform people’s perception about the well known brand from a well-respected global bank operating in Egypt into a global bank with deep local heritage that “helps individuals, corporate and economies make progress”.

This will be done through a full-fledged marketing communication branding campaign targeting all stakeholders through all channels. The campaign will mainly hammer on the history that we’ve witnessed and all the things that happened throughout 150 years is our core competence. Barclays Bank in Egypt want to confirm “We were there, no one else can claim the consistency and continuity that we have. We’ve been there to see the future in the history of this great country and be a part of its success.”


The campaign theme used flourish or, in Arabic [إزدهر] theme

Barclays has a wide network of 54 branches all over Egypt. Almost 60% of Barclays Egypt branches are in three major governorates which are Cairo, Giza and Alexandria.

In Egypt, Barclays has 150 years of world class financial services and now operates through a wide network of 54 branches and 85 ATMs all over the country.

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