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‘Baby Shark’ Reaches 7 Billion Views on YouTube Becomes The New Guinness World Records Holder

Another Guinness world record was broken and this time it’s not by an Instagram account, it is by a YouTube video. Ever since the digital platforms joined the world of Guinness Records, we have been seeing many of them and social media accounts racing to break the world’s record.

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This time the record was broken by a really famous video for children; you probably guessed it right, it’s ‘Baby Shark’


The Ones Behind ‘Baby Shark’

A year or two ago a song for children went extremely viral and every parent around the whole world played it for their kids! This song is ‘Baby Shark’.

‘Baby Shark’ is a kids’ song by PinkFong; for those who don’t know who PinkFong is, we will tell you. ‘PinkFong’ is an educational channel on YouTube and a brand of a South Korean educational entertainment company called ‘Smart Study’. The Youtube channel has many children’s songs and it’s mostly famous for its ‘Baby Shark’ song and its dance video.

The educational channel has more than 36 million subscribers and its content is a sing-along, stories, and dance videos.


‘Baby Shark’ The Most Viewed YouTube Video

Even though the song was released in 2016, it had created a buzz all over the world in the last couple of years, and all kids from different countries were singing it all the time. The song is sung by a Korean-American singer Hope Segoine who was 10 years old when the song was recorded.

On the second of November, the song has gained around 7,061,798,526 views. The songs earned the two titles of ‘Most Viewed Music Video on YouTube’ and ‘Most Viewed Video on YouTube’, also, it broke the record for the title most-viewed children’s music video on YouTube.

‘Baby Shark’ actually stole the record from another widely famous song that also went viral in 2017; need a hint to remember? It’s a Spanish song.


‘Baby Shark’ Steals The Record from ‘Despacito’

Back in 2017, a collaboration between the Puerto Rican singer and the famous Daddy Yankee led to releasing a Spanish song by the name ‘Despacito’. The song went globally viral and was sung and played by people all around the world as it created a global craze and it was even recreated to feature the famous Justin Bieber.

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Even though ‘Despacito’ doesn’t hold the title anymore but it still has the title of most-liked video online and the first YouTube video to receive 5 billion views. Unlike ‘Baby Shark” which in fact holds the title of the most disliked song on YouTube… Ouch!

‘Despacito’ was the first to reach 5 billion views on YouTube breaking the Guinness Record and stealing the title from the song ‘See You Again’ by Charlie Puth ft Wiz Khalifa.

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Worth mentioning that the very first holder of the record was no other than Justin Bieber with his “Baby” song that was released in 2010 reaching 425 million views. Later the record was snapped by the South Korean Singer PSY with his ‘Gangnam Style’


The Common Thing Between Them All

You probably went like “Oh” every time we mentioned a record holder because it is no surprise that these songs had this huge number of views and why is that? Because of ‘A World Wide Popularity”. This is the common thing between all of these music videos.

All of these mentioned record-holders were extremely popular around the whole world when they were first released. They created a huge buzz all over the digital platforms and they were even meme material.
Can you remember how many memes you saw or shared regarding “Baby’ by Justin Bieber or ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY? Probably countless. Even “See You Again” was also meme material.


A World Wide Digital Race/Fight

We can’t help but think of a certain episode of “Black Mirror” when people were going crazy to gain acceptance by getting high rates and likes over their profile. The question here is, can this happen to us or even to brands?

Anyone or any brand would love to be a Guinness Record holder and seeing people or content wins this record might drive people to crave this attention. So we might see people or brands fight through their business or their content just to win a Guinness record.

In the end, we are really curious to see the next to snap the title from ‘Baby Shark’.

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