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AXA OneHealth Medical Center Provides All The Medical Services You Need

These days we are witnessing a major transformation across almost all industries; it is very noticeable that most sectors are now turning towards the digital solutions. Under the current circumstances, most business owners are securing their business with the help of digital innovations.

One of the industries that we are glad has joined the digital age is the medical industry. Ever since the pandemic began to spread, many medical centers adjusted their business to adapt to the digital world.

One of the corporations that are redesigning and rethinking their service in light of the current situation is the AXA OneHealth the healthcare provider.


AXA OneHealth Is Expanding

The AXA OneHealth Team has announced some great news, which is the launch of their second AXA OneHealth Medical center in O1 Mall, New Cairo. The new center’s space is 1,000+ square meters, which makes it AXA OneHealth’s biggest center so far.

The company is putting its customers first by providing them with a variety of medical services through the new center which stands out with its capacity to meet all your medical needs.


The Services Provided

The new medical center will have 60 doctors, 18 consultation rooms, a test lab, pharmacy, and nurse assessment. It will also provide mental health and physiotherapy services.

In addition to that, the AXA OneHealth medical center is the company’s first center to include AXA OneHealth’s first Wellness Center. The wellness center will hold sessions focused on nutrition, physical and mental wellbeing such as pilates and yoga respectively, and general health programs dedicated to mother and child and pediatric care.

 Digital Solutions to Fit the Current Situation

The pandemic has made it a little difficult for people to visit doctors due to, but AXA OneHealth is presenting patients with a great solution.

Since the company’s number one goal is offering its customers the proper care they need, it is launching Egypt’s first Omni-channel healthcare ecosystem. Patients will enjoy the center’s services without the obligation to be there physically.

The center also offers digital solutions combined with access to advanced diagnostics, laboratory equipment, and medical consultations for a variety of important specializations. Customers will be able to select the medical services they want without physically visiting the branch, via, teleconsultation, video consultation, and home visits by doctors

So, if you are either worried about paying a physical visit or even just the commute, you can do everything through a phone call or a video call because AXA OneHealth wants to deliver the best world-class healthcare services to its customers.

The medical center prioritizes high-quality experience, care, and services with access to economical and quality care still a challenge for families and individuals.

All of the details are available on the center’s digital channels, FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.
You can book your appointment at the new O1 Mall branch through AXA OneHealth’s website, or the application, which can be installed on both Android or iOS. Also, you also can book your appointment the traditional way by calling their hotline 15292.


It is amazing to see how many companies are trying their best to satisfy their customers and we can’t wait to witness AXA OneHealth’s success.

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