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1374 Tweets sent to Avichay Adraee on the 42nd Anniversary Of ‪6th of October Victory

Avichay Adraee serves as the head of the IDF’s Arabic media desk and on a challenging mission aims to marketing the Israeli army on Social Media while acting as the communication arm targeting Arabs. He started to appear in media when Al Jazeera introduced him as IDF’s Arab Spokesperson to cover news about the Israeli war on Lebanon 2006.

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Its not a secret that Israel has its own Public diplomacy company. It’s a cross-ministry-organization apparatus known as Hasbara that operate pro-Israel propaganda and involved in Israel’s Public Relations effort.

Example of Dramatic Irony//

Whenever you visit the Facebook page of the IDF’s Arab Spokesperson, Avichay Adraee, who usually send greetings to Muslims on a Muslim holiday and responds to hundreds of comments from viewers around the Arab world. Few weeks ago, Adraee published a videos on Facebook to celebrate the occasions of Ramadan and Bairam feast.

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It doesn’t take a genius logic to understand that Egyptians are not buying into Avichay Adraee communication messages on Social Media. His crystal clear mission is to send provocative messages coated with friendly tune to develop arguments, hence generate engagement on digital platforms just like sending greetings for Muslim’s feasts while Israeli army is launching new operations to break into Al Masjid Al Aqsa.

He is doing his best to abolish the ugly face of Israeli Army. Its just like creating adverts marketing Coke and McDonald’s burgers as healthy products.

Global Language of Comedy//

Egyptians love comedy as a weapon as used in popular culture. As humor is a global language, Egyptians utilized it to fight back Avichay Adraee ideology and spontaneously used Social Media to send him greetings back on 6th of October marks the 42nd Anniversary of ‪October War victory. On this day in 1973, the Egyptian Army, supported by the Air Force, pushed across the Suez Canal and dislodged the Israelis who had been occupying the Sinai Pensinsula since 1967.

The Israelis defeated by the Egyptian armed forces on Oct. 6, 1973. It wasn’t just a defeat in battle but defeated the Israeli ideology and created the biggest threat to Israel existence as a state. That’s why Egyptians have chosen this day to payback some greetings debt for Avichay Adraee wrapped by sarcasm!

Twitter Strike using Jokes//

Inspired by the Egyptian Air Forces air strike against Israel fortress in Sinai 42 years ago, Egyptian tweeps repeated history to strike on Avichay Adraee logic bombarding him with jokes.

While avg. mentions of Avichay Adraee Twitter handler is 206 mentions per day. On the 42nd Anniversary of ‪6th of October War, Adraee received 1374 Tweets.

Some of Tweets sent to Avichay Adraee//

As we guess IDF analysts and Avichay Adraee himself would pass by this article, We would highly recommend to find a new solution for Israel digital reputation management across Social Media platforms as Avichay role seems to be very embarrassing to Israel’s image among Egyptians. And guess what? Egyptians never fail to make him a joke and so far he seems unable to stand for tweets bitter humor.

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