Lamia Kamel

Lamia is one of the pioneers in Political Communication in Egypt. She has been involved as a communications strategist in many of the most highly visible campaigns in Egypt.
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How PR Could Deliver Meaningful Engagements And Deeper Impact In The Post COVID-19 Era?

I believe that PR is not a job for regular times, but…

Lamia Kamel By Lamia Kamel

The Grand Egyptian Museum and The Awakening Minds

As a person who swears by nation branding as an indispensable element…

Lamia Kamel By Lamia Kamel

Between Disney show and Gouna Film Festival, Narrative may not have a happy ending

According to my eight-year-old daughter, Lara, who keeps inspiring me day after…

Lamia Kamel By Lamia Kamel

Social media & public opinion: Who are the real stars?

Public opinion is often associated with the term ‘media’, given the powerful…

Lamia Kamel By Lamia Kamel

Mohamed Salah… A Rising Egyptian Ambassador

Egypt's former minister of communications and information technology, Hani Mahmoud, expressed his…

Lamia Kamel By Lamia Kamel

Jack Nickolson thinks you are corrupt! What do you say now?

In one of his movies, Jack Nickolson, or the character he plays…

Lamia Kamel By Lamia Kamel