Hossam Rashad

Rashad is a professional marketer with more than 9 years of overall experience and 6 years of management experience in the domain of education management and marketing. With more than six years experience in Education Management and Marketing, Rashad got an extensive proven expertise in International and Regional Business Development, Marketing & Management in the fields of education, training, digital marketing, technology and human capital development. Graduate of joint degree program between middlesex university and the 6 of October university for Science and Arts with a degree of management and information system as well as holding an MBA degree from Paris ESLSCA Business School specialized in marketing
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Local is the future of global

During the past 10 years the Egyptian Urban Development took a very…

Hossam Rashad By Hossam Rashad

Zooba, Speaking Value!

To be completely honest I never tried eating at Zooba, i don’t…

Hossam Rashad By Hossam Rashad