Ahmed Emad

Since graduating with a Marketing degree from the American University in Cairo, Ahmed assumed different roles in the advertising sphere; swinging from creative to media agencies, offline to online media planning and now at the client side.
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5 Marketing Tips by Ahmed Emad from Mondelēz International

Ahmed Emad, one of Egypt’s leading marketing and media professionals will take…

Ahmed Emad By Ahmed Emad

Telecom Egypt Ramadan 2014 Ad Review

Telecom Egypt come back this year after last year’s disaster copy (Dawwar Gowa…

Ahmed Emad By Ahmed Emad

Ramadan 2014 – CocaCola a7la ma3….?

It’s no secret that Ramadan is becoming of less intensity since 2011..…

Ahmed Emad By Ahmed Emad

Big Blue strikes back – Pepsi Ramadan 2014

Without any doubt that Pepsi has always been a moving force in…

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